Samsung Galaxy R and Galaxy P Rumoured to Launch Next Year

A new rumour has surfaced stating that Samsung will be launching two new smartphone series called Samsung Galaxy R and Galaxy P. Just like the Samsung J series, even these rumoured series will be dedicated for low-end and mid-range smartphones. However, the rumour also states that the tech giant will be cancelling the Galaxy J series.

A tipster has leaked this news through Twitter. The tweets claim that Samsung is reportedly working on the new Samsung Galaxy R and Galaxy P series and is planning to discontinue the Galaxy J series. Additionally, the new series will make an appearance in Q3/Q4 of next year.

Interestingly, the rumour also further states that the Galaxy P series will be the company’s first ODM (original design manufacturer). This means that Samsung will only design the product specifications but the manufacturing of these smartphones will not be done by the company. However, Samsung will sell these smartphones under its brand name. This is the first time that this South Korean giant will be opting for the ODM option for its smartphones.

If this rumour is to be believed, then the Samsung Galaxy J series will be discontinued by next year along with the Galaxy On and Galaxy C series. Nevertheless, the rumour does not state if this change will only be made in the Chinese markets or globally. However, Samsung might only discontinue the J series smartphones in China where the smartphones have struggled to gain popularity.

This might be Samsung’s new strategy to launch the new Samsung Galaxy R and Samsung Galaxy P series to improve its market share in China. How far these rumours stand true can only be confirmed after Samsung passes an official statement.


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