Different Types of Dual Cameras on Smartphones

Smartphones are no longer the devices that come with thick bezels and a single camera. Most smartphones these days come with 18:9 bezel-less displays and a dual camera setup. Additionally, there are also quite a number of smartphones from the dual front camera mobiles price list. The dual camera feature had become a rage in the Android phones price list last year. As the name clearly suggests, dual cameras are a combination of two camera sensors that work together as one. The primary sensor does most of the work, while the secondary sensor works to improve the picture quality. However, did you know that there are different types of dual cameras?

Yes, not all dual camera smartphones are designed to perform similar functions. There are different types of dual cameras on smartphones that differ from each other. Want to know what sets them apart? Here is the list of the different types of dual cameras on smartphones.

Different Types of Dual Cameras on Smartphones

Type #1: Depth Sensor Camera

Smartphones with the depth sensor dual camera are the most basic and affordable models in the market. The secondary camera on these depth sensor dual cameras can change the depth of field or the focus point of the image that is captured. Additionally, the primary sensor captures the three-dimensional effect of the picture. Both these lenses together, try to capture images with the blurred background. The core strength of this camera is that it can detect the depth of field better than single cameras.

Type #2: Monochrome Sensor Camera

Dual camera smartphones with the monochrome sensor are probably among the best devices today. In this type, both the sensors come with similar apertures, lenses and focusing system. However, there is one thing that makes these sensors different from one another. The primary sensor captures the picture in colour, whereas the secondary sensor captures the same picture in black and white. The picture taken by these two sensors are combined together to create better sharpness and contrast.

This type of dual camera is majorly seen on the Motorola mobile price list. Using a dual camera with the monochrome sensor will let you take brighter and better photos. Plus, black and white images look sharp and pristine.

Different Types of Dual Cameras on Smartphones

Type #3: Wide-Angle Camera

The latest LG dual camera smartphones are equipped with the wide-angle camera. Wide-angle dual cameras are great at capturing landscape and portrait shots. Out of the two sensors, one is a wide-angle lens which is used to capture landscape and broader views. And, the other sensor is dedicated to capturing portrait shots. Another benefit of a wide-angle camera is that it lets you capture unique perspectives that cannot be captured on a regular smartphone or any other different types of dual cameras. The core strength of this camera is that it will let you take amazing fish-eye photography.

Different Types of Dual Cameras on Smartphones

Type#4: Telephoto Camera

The Telephoto lens camera does the exact opposite of a wide-angle camera. While a wide-angle camera lets you zoom out, a telephoto lens camera will let you zoom in on your subject. These lenses allow 2x optical zoom, without cropping out the frame. Moreover, this type of camera is also great for taking pictures in the portrait mode. The primary camera on telephoto lens smartphones is also equipped to offer a satisfactory depth of field which eventually allows pictures to be captured with background blur.


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