Best Parental Control App For Android And iPhone

The current world is all about technologies and prosper. But having so much technology around us also has its own set of negative works that comes along with the good ones. It doesn’t always necessarily mean that you are a failure as a parent or your child is a spoilt one but in today’s generation, it is very much difficult of a job to properly do your parent duties regarding your child and the safety of his or her mental or psychological condition. Doesn’t matter how much good of a parent you are you cannot always control the people that are being around your children at the outside world. Of course your child is also a human being with the basic nature of a human so you cannot control your child or even control whom your child is getting along with while you are not around a while he or she is outside of the home during the schools or during any trips or even his outside time.

Protect children

You can always keep your children safe from the online hazardous material and also be able to protect them from the online dangers with the use of TTSPY systems. The parental control solution that is provided by the JSP systems has been designed in such a manner that allows you to guard your children 24/7 and keep them away from the internet hazards of modern time.

There are specific sets of various uses that this system provides you in order for your parent and control towards your child’s mobile devices and these are as follows:

The call log feature is one of the greatest way to watch over the call logs of the targeted phone or tablet and also with it you can easily check the logs of your child’s mobile phones and see who they are in contact with and even they are in touch with anyone that they should not be at all.

  • The advanced location tracking by TTSPY allows you to track the targeted mobile device of your child or employee so that you always know the current location through the real-time tracking system. This also allows you to know the exact pinpoint location and get a touch of everywhere and every place they have been through the control panel from your home device.
  • TTSPY also allows you to activate the microphone and the camera on your target device of the person that you are willing to spy on and get you the life feet from the cameras and also the audio from the microphone system surrounding the device and you can also view all the activities of your teenage child’s phone.
  • TTSPY is the first app that provided a child monitor for the Android smartphones in order that the parents or other words that you could have the live feed footage from your child’s mobile phone on what they are saying at the time exactly in real-time footage.
  • Not only this but also the system allows you to read and access all the text messages that your child’s phone is exchanging with others and also to keep a track of the variety of different messaging apps available for smartphones such as WhatsApp Viber and many more.

If your kids have their own set of smartphones than you probably would want a way to track or even the control the activities they are involved in. one of the best parental control app in the market offers ways to limit time spent on the devices or even track the total users and location of the device on a real-time tracking system and even block some offensive apps or games that might hurt your child psychology.

How to use all of these?

The app from TTSPY is more prone to seem easier for you to use and all you have to do is to download the app through a third-party client that would allow easy access on both app store and play store. This is rather more important to mention that the app does not require any rooting system of the Android device or does not even require a jailbreak for an iPhone. this system and the apps can be used for both on your iPhone and iPad on your Android device. The judges by app works perfectly on most iPhone 7 Android devices as you only have to do is download the app through a third party client as soon as you have downloaded the app you start using the call log monitor feature and all you have to do is just enter the detail of the phone you want to hack or monitor and you will be able to access their phone to view all the system information and the logs or even any other feature with easy and function.

The advanced tracking system of TTSPY offers you the upper hand of handling your child and the total social security of their image. You will be able to access all the information of your child’s phone through a live feed system on real-time tracking basis and you will also be able to see through the camera and hear through the microphone of what the device is around of and what the targeted person is doing at the time.

So it would be probably considerable to use TTSPY tracking system because it is the first of the market that allows you to have the real-time feed from your targeted devices screen and also the camera and microphone along with the tracking system which is pretty much accurate to its location and pinpointing the exact location on the map of the targeted user. Buy this phenomenal technology used be easily able to control and to learn about your child more and how to approach them in order to ensure a better future and a better social understanding among you and your children.


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