Microwave Tips and Tricks You Have No Idea Exist

Microwave ovens have become a must-have appliance in Indian kitchens. You can easily find one in almost every household these days. But, how many of us actually use it to its max potential? Although we use it for limited cooking needs, there are many microwave tips and tricks a very few people know. Here, we have picked the best microwave tips and tricks that will help you utilise the most of your oven.

  • Make onion cutting a tear-free activity

You can use your microwave to get a tear-free onion cutting experience while cooking. Simply cut the lower and upper ends of onions. Put them in the oven for 30 seconds on full power. The microwaves will dry up the juices of onion and will reduce the teary enzymes from it. By doing this, the taste of onions will remain the same, but you won’t get tears in eyes.

  • Rejuvenate Spices aroma

Spices often lose their aroma over the time. There is a handy tip to regain the nice spice smells. Put the spices in a microwave-safe bowl and use it at full power for 15 seconds. Not just spices, the nuts and seeds can also get their aroma back by using this tip. Microwave ovens don’t just bring back the aroma, but also makes them dry, so you don’t have to roast them before use.

Microwave Tips and Tricks You Have No Idea Exists

  • Revitalize mascara

The dried mascara is of no use. As per TheGuardian, the mascara can be restored using the microwaves. Make sure the container of mascara doesn’t have any metal used on it. For making it safe, also put some water inside the container to help to loosen up the mascara. This is one of the most helpful microwave tips and tricks on our list.

  • Always have crispy potato chips

The potato or any other chips lose its crunchiness when kept in air for a longer period. You can make them crispy once again by using the microwave. Put them on a paper towel and microwave for about 30 seconds on high power. You can also use this trick to freshen up the stale crackers.

  • Get more Citrus juice

Taking out the juice from lemons can be a tedious task. Microwave the lemon or lime for around 10 seconds. It will allow you to get more citrus juice.

Microwave Tips and Tricks You Have No Idea Exists

  • Reheat food evenly

Many users complain that their food gets cooked unevenly. To avoid this, use round plates instead of square-shaped containers. The spinning carousel perfectly distributes the heat and cook food evenly. So, adjust the food on the edge of the rotating plate and keep the centre space empty.

  • Clean the microwave

You can always clean the microwave oven using water and a cloth. However, a strong odour can form inside the oven after several usages. Use some baking soda and water to clean the internal parts of the oven. Else, use a wet sponge to disinfect everything automatically. Place a wet sponge inside the oven and heat it for around three to five minutes.


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