Microsoft Surface Phone Might Feature Integrated Fingerprint Sensor in OLED Display

Though Microsoft has remained tight-lipped about the release of its upcoming mobiles dubbed as Microsoft Surface Phone, lots of reports about its specifications have appeared. The latest report is claiming that the upcoming smartphone from Microsoft might feature an integrated fingerprint sensor in an OLED display.

According to PhoneArena, Microsoft might showcase an innovative fingerprint sensor placed right on the display screen. The company has patented a technology which could allow users to identify their fingerprints on Surface Phone just by placing the finger on the display screen of the device. The absence of physical button integrated for fingerprint scanning could contribute to the durability of the device as no moving parts will engage in it.

Fingerprint scanning is no new to us. In fact, many smartphones are offering integrated fingerprint sensors either on Home button or a dedicated touch panel on the flipside of the device. But no one has integrated the fingerprint scanner on the screen which might be witnessed in upcoming smartphone from Microsoft.

If the rumors turn into reality, then Microsoft could be the first smartphone manufacturer to make the displayintegrated fingerprint scanner mobiles. Such display will allow the user to simply place a finger on the display screen after which the sensor will examine the points of the fingerprint and then recognize the user.

For recognition, the technology will use a wave-guide and a filter beneath the display screen.

According to UberGizmo, Microsoft’s upcoming fingerprint scanner mobile will transmit the light through a fiber-optic cable which will take place the fingerprint scanning implementation.

Microsoft has not revealed whether the upcoming Surface Phone will feature the fingerprint scanning technology on display or not. However, only the patent was granted to Microsoft for using such advanced technology for their upcoming mobiles.

Some companies usually collect patents for them having no intention of using the technology in their products at all. Meanwhile, Apple is also rumored to offer a similar feature in their upcoming mobiles; might debut on the iPhone 8.


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