I Bet you Have Never Seen Such Speaker Before

You may have come across many varieties of Bluetooth speakers. There are so many different models among them which would be your favourite. Well, time has come to add this new accessory to the top most position in your list.

Meet the Miro by Zbinno smart media center which is making headlines in every tech news sites. Zbinno speaker is one of the most interesting gadgets you can find.

Design and Features

The Zbinno speaker is crafted entirely out of aluminum and sports an excellent build quality. The device weighs 900grams due to speakers on each side and the subwoofer on the back. This compact device comes with mics for hands-free calling and offers an insane total output of 20w. The Zbinno speaker is accompanied by a remote control, some paperwork and the power cable inside the box.

Don’t be surprised when I say the device comes with a 5.5” 720p display, which is quite bright and sharp for multimedia consumption. As said above, the device comes with a remote that that it has a built-in magnet which can be attached to the speaker. However, you can control the speaker itself without the remote control.

The speakers run on Android Lollipop and have an ARM Cortex-A7 processor with Mali 400MP2 GPU to assure a great multimedia experience. The built-in apps are designed mainly to watch multimedia or listen to music. You can even download any apps that you wish similar to a phone or tablet.

The speaker comes with 8GB of internal storage. You can also connect the device to a USB flash drive. Further, the Bluetooth speaker works as a power bank to charge other gadgets.

Sound Quality

You will surely love the insane sound quality that overpowers any regular Bluetooth speaker. Get a ridiculously loud & immersive 3D sound with a volume output of 20w. Again, the sound is crisp and clear with tons of bass. The device offers great connectivity too.

Battery Life

The built-in 4500mAh unit of Zbinno speaker assures that the device works for about 5 hours on a single charge.

Should You Buy It?

The Zbinno portable multimedia speaker is a great gadget but comes with a bit pricey tag of about $230. Rest assured as you get a wonderful device with large and sharp display, an incredible sound quality with a volume output of 20w. Not to forget the 3D sound and Android UI that offers you the liberty to download any apps as per your wish.


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