HTC Ocean Master, Ocean Note, and Ocean Smart could be HTC’s Upcoming Devices

HTC’s Ocean concept had made headlines a few days back, but at that moment, the concept was only referred to its new design and features. Now, some reports have hints out HTC’s plans intended for three upcoming mobiles Ocean Master, Ocean Note, and Ocean Smart. A known HTC info leaker @LlabTooFeR has posted a tweet mentioning the codenames of the upcoming mobiles.

However, whether the three devices with Ocean codenames will feature the leaked HTC Ocean concept in terms of the design and features is unknown yet. But, the company is reportedly involved in the development of Ocean family of device.

The Ocean Master is expected to be the flagship smartphone while the Ocean Smart would be the mid-range device. While so, the Ocean Note is anticipated to be a premium phablet-like device which will go head to head with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or LG V20.

Looking at the Ocean concept, the upcoming mobiles on Ocean concept will take the design similarities from the HTC 10 smartphone. The HTC 10 from HTC Mobiles features an aluminum body alongside a 2.5D curved glass on the front panel. The most interesting thing of the concept is its elimination of any kind of physical button from the device.

Recently, a set of concept renders is surfaced on the internet which revealed the design of the upcoming Ocean mobiles. The Ocean devices are mentioned as ‘smartphone without any buttons’, as it is HTC’s experiment to showcase smartphones that don’t have a power button, nor a volume rocker.

Instead of physical buttons, HTC is going to release a new type of control setup dubbed as the Sense Touch which could make use of the metal frame instead of any dedicated buttons. Having said this, there is a possibility of integrated fingerprint scanner beneath the display which could be similar to Apple’s iPhone 8.

As these upcoming mobiles are only codenamed and rumored until now, there’s no surety about the release of any of these Ocean devices. But if HTC manages to feature the aforementioned features and design concepts in its Ocean series of smartphone, then it will surely amaze us.


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