This could be the Future of Portable Computing: Read to Know More

HP India has recently introduced its commercial virtual reality (VR) solutions and services to the Indian market. The lineup includes the world’s first professional wearable VR PC which is targeted towards business users in the country. The other launches include HP Z VR Backpack and HP ZBook 17 mobile workstation. The pricing for this laptop starts at Rs 1,65,000.

Also, the company launched the HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Tower priced at Rs 72,000 and HP Z VR is a professional wearable backpack which is priced at Rs 3,25,000. To use VR technology to its full potential, there is a requirement of a collaborative relationship between customers and partners.

HP Z VR Backpack, the World’s first Wearable VR PC Launched in India

Vickram Bedi who is Senior Director at HP Inc India, Personal Systems announced in a statement that the company is uniting powerful commercial VR solutions to build a unified portfolio of commercial VR devices and reinvent the future.

The commercial VR solutions and services will relieve the tedious tasks involved in different industries like product design, healthcare, first responder training, architecture, automotive, and entertainment.

HP Z VR Backpack, the World’s first Wearable VR PC Launched in India

Among the latest HP products, the HP Z VR Backpack solution allows users to move and enjoy the entire immersion with high-octane visual performance and support for docking. The latest backpack is medium for experiencing VR at its best. This could be ideal for many enterprises and businesses.

HP Z VR Backpack, the World’s first Wearable VR PC Launched in India

Using the HP Z VR Backpack, businesses can obtain safe and effective simulated training in various environments like contingency, medical training, or for heavy/large equipment operations. The VR simulation allows such businesses to avoid environment costly mistakes.

The company said in a statement that the new product lineup is ideal for companies who wish to future-proof their technology and want to experience state-of-the-art capabilities. HP not only offers commercial-grade consistency but also provides the total VR ecosystem with tech giants like HTC Vive, Intel, Technicolor, Nvidia, and others.


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