Highest Selling Products in India: This is What India is Buying Online

Gone are the days where we had to get out of the house to buy things. Our world has rapidly evolved so much that everything we desire can be delivered to our doorstep. Since e-commerce websites made their entry into our lives, we have been blessed with the opportunity to buy anything virtually online. And not just that, with so many products available in the market, shopping online makes it easier to compare products, features and even the price. However, there are some highest selling products in India that still top the list even today. Want to know what these products are?

Here is our list of the highest selling products in India.


Who doesn’t love shopping for clothes? But walking into every store to find exactly what you are looking for can be a tiresome job. Probably one of the biggest benefit e-commerce websites have brought to us is the ability to shop for clothes from the comfort of our couch. Right from apparels for adults to kids, you name it and it’s all available online. Apparels are right on top when it comes to the highest selling products in India.


Have you ever imagined what our lives would be like if smartphones weren’t invented? Probably not. The next product on our list is- ‘smartphones’. The trend for buying mobile phones online is extremely popular. This is mainly because buyers find it easier to browse and compare through a number of smartphones and find the best one for themselves.

Beauty Products

Beauty and skin care products also contribute to the highest selling products in India. Additionally, along with these products, even hair care products are widely sought out for, across the country.

Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories like bags, belts, watches, smartphone covers, hats and much more are among the products that are associated with the least risk. That’s why most people tend to shop for their fashion accessories online.


If you are a reader, you will understand that even in today’s digital world, nothing can replace the feeling of a hand-held book. Books are among the most sought products that people prefer buying online.

Highest Selling Products in India: This is What India is Buying Online


The love for jewellery among Indian women is no hidden secret. Everyone loves to accessorize and what gets better than the perfect piece of jewellery. Also, an added advantage is the e-commerce website have made it extremely easy to buy exclusive pieces of jewellery across countries.

Kitchen & Home Appliances

The latest trends show that kitchen appliances and home décor products are in huge demand since recent years. With one click, you can buy a piece of art for your living room, buy the latest kitchen appliance or get a new furnishing. These products are popularly sold and easily available online.

Consumer Electronics

Smartphones are not the only electronic products that make their way into the list of highest selling products in India. Other electronics like laptops, tablets, digital cameras, power banks and much more also are widely sought out online.

Video Games

Video games have been all the rage for over a decade now. Popular games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto are available on most e-commerce websites. They are a great way for children to pass their free time and also work extremely well as gifts.

Baby Care Products

The online sales for baby care products have increased by a fair margin in recent times. Baby products like soaps, diapers, shampoo, powder, cream, feeding bottles, pacifiers and much more contribute to a huge share of products that are brought online.

Highest Selling Products in India: This is What India is Buying Online

Health & Fitness Products

Everyone has a different eating and fitness routine. And, to stay healthy people prefer products like all-in-one health mixes, green tea, detox items and weight loss supplements. Moreover, e-commerce websites are excellent platforms for people to look for such products.


Everyday items like rice, spices, pulses, wheat, cooking oil and much more are also brought online. It is a convenient method for people who do not find time to grocery shop on a regular basis.

Sports Equipment

Being one of the best places to buy sports equipment, online stores offer various products for all kinds of sports activities. Football gear, cricket bats, hockey sticks, carom boards, badminton rackets and so on are easily available online.


You might not have realized it, but all of us are bound to some monthly or yearly bases subscription. With different types of subscriptions like magazines, newspapers, online lectures, software’s, and music, it is easy to understand why subscriptions are among the highest selling products in India.

Handmade Products

Lastly, India is known for its speciality of various handmade products. This super-rich and vintage merchandise give buyers a larger range of options to shop from.


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