Here’s the Fitness Mantra to Stay Fit in 2017

What if you could save your brain memories to a hard drive and use it as a backup if a disease or accident wiped them out? Sadly, such technology is yet to arrive, however, you already have the forefathers of such tech. Yes, you already have it. The fitness band you wore on your wrist could help you stay fit throughout the year. The fitness trackers have become like gym memberships for most of us today.

It will be better if researchers would get succeeded in analyzing the patients’ data recorded 10 years ago and predict the best treatment which will respond well in the present. Isn’t it?

Our bodies are complex systems. Our daily routine, long-term habits, and trends play a major role in our health outcomes. The daily activities like how much we walk, what we eat, and how much we rest are related to the medical intervention. And this all started with pedometers.

Keep these things in mind to help you turn your fitness tracker into a healthcare tool.

Don’t consider fitness tracker as a magic wand

Just because you have worn the fitness tracker on your wrist doesn’t mean that you are going to get fit. You will only get fit when you will use the tool correctly.

Forget the calorie count

The calorie counts on all fitness trackers are not accurate. The readings are based on the vital stats such as age, gender, height, and weight. So the results are just the representative of how much calories you’ve actually burnt in your body.

Find tools for better health

Fitness trackers from almost every manufacturer support smartphone sync feature. So if you are a runner, swimmer, or a cyclist there is an app for you on the app store.

Focus more on movements and not just steps

The body movements are important for one’s health. Sitting for long hours can surely affect your health and increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. Try to set reminders in your fitness tracker if you stay inactive for a long time.


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