Here is what you must Know Before You Purchase Selfie Smartphone

It is the era of selfie-centric phones. The method of clicking pictures with the rear camera of your Smartphone has become an old school method these days. So, if you are hunting for a selfie mobile or want to buy a new selfie phone that offers the best picture experience, check out these certain things you need to pay attention to before you make a purchase.

  • Is Higher megapixel the most Important Thing

One must keep away from the misconception that a higher megapixel count needn’t always translate to better images. However, it is a fact that higher resolution would surely help you seize those beautiful memories with greater detail especially if you want to edit or crop images. Again one should always opt for a higher megapixel camera count while comparing two similar Smartphone since you would get more details of your facial features.

  • Opt for a wide-angle lens

One of the common features to look for in a selfie Smartphone is the wide-angle lens for the front camera. It makes clicking selfies easier while allowing you to capture wide background. This feature works great for group selfies, a common trend nowadays. Smartphones also offer wider aperture for its cameras like (f/2.0 is wider than f/2.2 and so on) that lets more light into the lens. This helps to get better images even in low-light areas.

  • Flash, a Boon for Low Lights

Improving the low-light performance of the front cameras are one of the important aspects many Smartphone manufacturers are looking for. Some brands offer screen flash feature that illuminates the screen at full brightness before taking the selfie. Recently, a new feature of including a front flash has been introduced. Such solutions help improve low light performance for selfies and are a great help for clicking pictures in dim settings.

  • Camera app and features

Next in our list is the smartphone camera software. Choose a camera app that has ample features like filters, extra controls over brightness, contrast and other settings. Most apps are ow loaded with Beauty mode that enhances the picture of one’s face instantly. OPPO smartphones were the first to introduce the Beautify mode 4.0 with seven different levels on the OPPO F1s, which is natural and beautiful.

  • Image stabilisation

Shaky hand movements result in blurred output. The electronic and optical image stabilization in the front camera eliminates this error and the selfies don’t look blurred. HTC 10 offers OIS on its 5MP front shooter. Many phone makers offer interesting options like using gestures or voice to minimize the effects of handshakes.


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