Here’s How Nokia Android Devices Could Be the Success

You probably know that Nokia brand is gearing up for its comeback in the mobile sector in 2017. The HMD Global has recently announced that the Nokia-branded Android mobiles will make its entry into the mobile market in the first half of 2017.

The rumor mills have speculating specifications and features of upcoming mobiles by Nokia for months now. Also, the benchmark listings of various Nokia mobiles running on Android platform have appeared. The most popular Nokia-branded device in such rumors is the one with codename Nokia D1C.

The HMD Global is expected to bring the Nokia-branded Android smartphones in February at the MWC 2017. We found a few things which could help Nokia and HMD to make a successful comeback.

An Innovative Idea

Nokia was a creative company. The design, features, and built quality Nokia had provided in the past still bring nostalgia to many. Even when the company was a height of popularity, it took risks to offer fresh lineups, some of which worked and others didn’t. The 41MP camera on Nokia Lumia 1020 is still unmatched even today. The circular keyboard on Nokia 3650, dual-sliding N96 and other innovations by Nokia were outstanding.

If HMD has to succeed in the mobile sector, then the same kind of creativity is required to gain the popularity. Let it be in new and unusual design or just new features in hardware.

Smartphones for every pocket

The rumors about several Nokia-branded devices are there over the past few months including the budget and high-end devices as well. The devices such as the D1C and Pixel have been spotted earlier on GeekBench.

These smartphones are rumored to be entry-level devices, whereas an anonymous Nokia-branded smartphone is rumored to be the high-end device which will come with Snapdragon 820 or 821 processors. Moreover, the device is also supposed to sport Zeiss lens on its primary camera which is seen in previous Lumia phones.

Pricing matters

Only an innovative Nokia-branded smartphone with nostalgic Nokia feel will not help the brand to make a successful comeback. Pricing is everything if you need to be successful. For instance, the BlackBerry has launched the Priv smartphone in India for Rs 62,990 and it just brought the promising device due to its excessive pricing. This doesn’t mean a company should only offer entry level or cheapest phones either.

HMD will have to market its upcoming premium Nokia mobiles just right in order to get a fair chance against the likes of Samsung mobiles, Apple mobiles, and Google mobiles.

The Nokia Nostalgia

The brand value of Nokia is still strong in India. The strength of Nokia mobiles and the durable design is what much need in today’s scenario. The Nokia classic ringtone will also return some fond memories.

The Nokia-Android partnership appears to be the right fit. In Android, there is no shortage of third-party apps which was the major drawback in previous Nokia mobiles. Nokia had already introduced the Android experience in its Nokia X series mobiles and now HMD is confidently ready to pick up from where the company left off.


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