Google Home: Top 10 Handy Commands for Indian Users

Google recently launched it’s two new AI-powered smart speakers in India which can perform useful tasks. All you have to do is, use your voice to give commands. The speakers activate as soon as you start with the phrase ‘OK Google’. Then again, one of the most complicated things about owning a smart speaker is, understanding what kind of commands it can perform. So, if you own a Google Home or Home Mini, or are in plans of buying the latest Google smart speaker for yourself, get to know a little bit about the various tasks the speakers can perform. Here is our list of the top 10 handy commands for Indian users

Updates on Current Traffic Situation

We have all used Google’s famous ‘Maps’ App to figure out new routes or to calculate the amount of time it will take to reach a particular destination. Google has incorporated this feature in its smart speakers as well. This feature gives you the additional benefit of getting updates on the current traffic situation. So you can ask Google about the traffic in a particular area or how long it will take for you to reach your destination.

Command to use:

“Okay Google, how is the traffic around (a particular area)”

“Okay Google, how long will it take for me to reach (a particular area)”

Listen to Indian Songs

One of the most common commands that most users will expect of their smart speaker is to play music. Google Home can play, pause or even change the music at your command. But not just that, the latest Google speakers feature support for Indian music streaming channels like Ganna, Wynk and Saavn. So, you can groove to the latest music with your smart speaker.

Google Home: Top 10 Handy Commands for Indian Users

Command to use:

“Okay Google, play (the name of the Song)”

“Okay Google, play (the name of the Song) on Gaana/Wynk/Saavn”

Locate your Phone in Silent Mode

How many times have you kept your phone in silent mode and completely forgotten where you last left? Well, instead of searching the entire house to locate it, you can ask Google to do it for you. All you have to do is, give the right command and your phone starts ringing even in silent mode. Voila, your phone is not lost anymore!

Command to use:

“Okay Google, ring my phone”

Easy Translation

How many times have we opened Google Translate to understand words and phrases from languages we have no clue about? Now, you can ask your Google Home to translate for you. Translating from Hindi to English or English to Hindi has never been easier.

Command to use:

“Okay Google, translate (your sentence) in (the language you want)”

Google Home: Top 10 Handy Commands for Indian Users

Get All the Local News

A lot of times, when we are getting ready in the morning rushing to get to work, we miss out on the news updates. However, you don’t have to anymore. Ask Google to update you on the current Indian news while you are getting ready. Additionally, Google’s smart speakers support various sources like NDTV, Time of India, India Today and much more.

Command to use:

“Okay Google, Get me news from (news source)”

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Check Flight Status

If you are travelling soon and have to catch a flight, Google can help you check your flight status. If there are any updates or changes, your smart assistant will give you all the information.

Command to use:

“Okay Google, what is the flight status of flight number (your flight number)”

Find Recipes for Indian Dishes

What do we do when we are in the mood to experiment something new and innovative in the kitchen? Ask Google for new recipes. But now, we can also ask Google Home to do that for us. Get any Indian recipe with just one simple command.

Command to use:

“Okay Google, tell me the recipe for (the dish you want to cook)”

Google Home: Top 10 Handy Commands for Indian Users

Get Live Cricket Scores

It’s the season of IPL, everyone is hooked onto their TV to enjoy the matches. Though, if you are unable to watch the current match for any reason, you can ask Google Home to keep you updated. Additionally, you can also get the next game status and game results.

Command to use:

“Okay Google, tell me about last game/upcoming game”

“Okay Google, tell me about upcoming IPL games”

Find Nearby Stores

Google can help you if you are new to a particular area or city and are looking for the location of the nearest store.

Command to use:

“Okay Google, where is the closest medical/grocery store”

Find Out What Movies are Playing

One thing we Indians love is to watch movies. So, if you are planning to watch a movie and are wondering what movies are playing at the theatre next to you, ask Google. Google will give you the list of movies you can watch.

Command to use:

“Okay Google, what movies are playing in (the place you want to go) right now?”


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