Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch: Everything That You Can Track With Your Wearable

Staying fit and healthy has become a mantra for everyone these days. You will be doing all the right things such as keeping a track on your weight fluctuations, time all your workouts, and even eat healthily. However, measuring and keeping a track on your fitness goals can prove to be difficult without any help. That’s where technology came to us as a blessing in the form of fitness trackers and smartwatches. But in the battle of fitness tracker vs smartwatch, which one do you think you should opt for? First, let’s understand what a fitness tracker and smartwatch are.

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Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch: Everything That You Can Track With Your Wearable

What is a Fitness Tracker?

The name simply says it all! Fitness trackers are designed to keep a track on your fitness and physical activities. With various capabilities like keeping a track on activities like step counts, calories burned, stairs climbed and much more, these trackers are meant to help us with our fitness goals. With a fitness tracker, you can easily keep a check on your day to day fitness progress.

What is a Smartwatch?

On the other hand, a smartwatch is a wearable extension of your smartphone. In design, it looks a lot like a regular watch. However, a smartwatch can be connected to your smartphone too. With a smartwatch you will be able to read and reply to messages, set reminders, use apps and even track fitness activities. If you have a smartwatch on your wrist, you do not have to carry around your smartphone necessarily.

Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch: Activities Fitness Trackers can Track

Here are the various fitness related activities that a fitness tracker can:


One thing that every fitness tracker can do is track steps. These trackers come with built-in accelerometers which will monitor your movement and calculate the number of steps you take per day.

Distance Walked

Apart from calculating the number of steps walked in a day, your fitness tracker will also be able to measure the total distance you have walked. For instance, if you walked from home to work, your tracker will display the number of steps and the total distance.

Floors Climbed

Well, if a fitness tracker can calculate the number of steps walked and the distance, then why not the number of floors climbed as well? Climb as many flights of stairs as you wish and rest assured that your fitness tracker will measure it all.

Calories Burned

The entire purpose of working out is to lose weight. Your fitness tracker will be able to keep a check on the number of calories you burn during your workout. This feature is a great way to keep yourself motivated during a workout.

Heart Rate

Whether you are working out or sitting in a chair busy at work, the heart rate monitor will keep a constant track on your heart rate.

Quality of Sleep

Some fitness trackers also come with the ability to keep a track on the quality of sleep. This function on a fitness tracker measures the wearers total night’s sleep time, the quality of sleep and restlessness during the night.

Workout Pace & Stroke

This feature is a must-have for athletes who want to measure their pace and strokes during a workout. The feature can be used for various sports like running, swimming, walking and much more. Plus, waterproof fitness trackers can easily keep a track on your pace and stroke rate in the pool.

Specific Activities

Lastly, there are also fitness trackers that are designed to track and identify specific activities. These activities could include walking, running, swimming, outdoor biking, and a lot more.

Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch: Everything That You Can Track With Your Wearable

Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch: Activities Smartwatch can Track

On the whole, a Smartwatch does not track as many activities as a fitness tracker.

Steps Walked

Similar to a fitness tracker, even a smartwatch can calculate the number of steps you walk in a day. With the built-in accelerometer, a smartwatch will monitor your movement and calculate the number of steps you take.

Distance Travelled

Even a smartwatch can measure the distance you have travelled or walk in a day. Again, it is the accelerometer that helps in calculating the exact distance.

Calories Burned

Another function that the accelerometer on the smartwatch can perform is the ability to calculate the number of calories burned. Your smartwatch will track the number of calories you burn throughout the day.

Heart Rate

The heart rate monitor will constantly keep a watch on your heart rate throughout the day. This feature works during a workout and when a person is in resting mode.


With a built-in GPS, your smartwatch will be able to map your runs, walks, cycling, and other activities. This feature is available on most smartwatches these days.

Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch: Everything That You Can Track With Your Wearable

Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch: What Makes Them Different

When it comes to fitness tracker vs smartwatch, there are further differences that go beyond their looks and tracking abilities. There are other things to consider like price, battery and brands. Let’s take a look at what is the difference between a fitness tracker and smartwatch.


When it comes to the price, a fitness tracker is much more affordable compared to a smartwatch on any given day. You will easily find fitness bands below Rs. 1,000 in India. However, if you are looking for a fitness tracker with added functionalities like water-proof and dust-proof, then it is obvious that you will have to pay more. On the other hand, high-quality smartwatches are above Rs. 5,000 in India. If you want more functions and features on your smartwatch, then you will have to look in a higher range. The price for a smartwatch can range from Rs. 5,000 to Rs 30,000. Another thing that influences the price is the build-quality.


As for the battery, fitness trackers can last for days on a single charge. This is mainly because most fitness trackers do not come with built-in GPS. Similarly, smartwatches aren’t known to feature amazing battery life because of built-in GPS. They can last for a day, that’s why most people charge their smartwatches overnight to avoid running out of charge. Additionally, there are also smartwatches that can last for two days on a single charge.


Both fitness bands and smartwatches are available under various brand names. Some of the well-known smartwatch brands are Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Fossil, Huawei, Alcatel and much more. Furthermore, some of the popular fitness tracker brands include Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit, Xiaomi, Moov, Jawbone and much more.

Fitness Tracker Vs Smartwatch: Which Should You Choose

When you confused between which wearable you should choose, ask yourself what will you be using your device for. If you are fitness-focused and just want a tracker to keep a check on your everyday goals, then a fitness tracker is the right choice to make. Likewise, if you want to use apps, check messages and also track fitness then you most definitely need to consider buying a smartwatch.


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