Curved Monitor Vs Flat Monitor: Which One Suits Your Needs?

There was a time when we were happy with big display TVs and monitors. However, technology is ever-evolving. A few years back we saw the introduction of the curved TVs and monitors. And since then, the craze for owning a curved monitor has rapidly increased. Once the trend increased, major brands came up with their own curved monitors to compete in the market. There are different types of monitors in the market. But the question that arises is- ‘Are curved monitors better than the traditional flat screen monitors?’ If you are confused between the two, read our blog below to make the right decision.

Better Viewing Angle

If you are looking for a device that will provide you with a better viewing angle, then you should consider a curved monitor. It is because of their curved shape that users will be able to enjoy a wider viewing angle. On the other hand, flat screen monitors display images only at a certain angle. So, the viewing angle is not as good when compared to curved monitors.

Curved Monitor Vs Flat Monitor: Which One Suits Your Needs?

Viewing Experience

Again, when it comes to the viewing experience, it is better to pick a curved monitor. As these monitors are curved on the sides, watching 3D content is an amazing experience. Nevertheless, even with curved monitors, the viewing experience is enhanced only when a person sits up close to the screen and the screen size is big enough. Similarly, even with flat screen monitors are a good option. It is better to opt for a bigger screen to enjoy a great viewing experience. However, there are ways to enhance the viewing experience with a few simple tips.

Multi-Monitor Configuration

If you are going to work with multi-monitor display configuration, then a curved monitor is a definite no-no! This functionality is better suited on flat-screen monitors where it is easier to set up multi-monitors together. Furthermore, the multi-monitor configuration functionality does not sit well with curved monitors. This is mainly due to the curved screen. If you are using a curved screen for this functionality, then you have to make sure that you are sitting in alignment with the centre of the display.

Curved Monitor Vs Flat Monitor: Which One Suits Your Needs?

Screen Reflections

Reflections on the screen are big hassles while we are busy working. Both curved and flat monitors react to this problem differently. We are used to seeing reflections on a flat screen monitor. Whereas, reflections on curved monitors look more stretched and distorted. However, this issue can be easily solved on both screens by adjusting the position of the display. Additionally, you can also cover the room to block sunlight from creating reflections.


The biggest factor that everyone will consider while choosing between both the monitors is the price. Flat screen monitors are cheaper and more economical when compared to the latter. Then again, the price for curved monitors is not as sky-rocketing as it once was. The prices for these monitors have considerably reduced over the time.

Curved Monitor Vs Flat Monitor: Which One Suits Your Needs?


Curved monitors are not designed for anyone and everyone. If you are used to staying in front of your screen all day, or you are an avid gamer, then curved screen monitors are meant for you. Though, it is wise to remember that curved monitors only allow single monitor configuration. Additionally, if you have the use of multi-monitor configuration or want to use your monitor other than gaming, then it is better to choose the traditional flat screen monitors.


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