Keep Your Gadgets Safe This Monsoon Season with These Simple Hacks

After the burning hot summer months, the monsoon season comes in as a relief. The climate goes from being hot and sweaty to cool and breezy. There is something just absolutely natural about the rainy season that takes you closer to nature. However, it is our smart gadgets that face the brunt during this season. Gadgets and monsoon are not exactly a suitable combination. But, worry not! There are some simple hacks to protect your gadgets during these dull and gloomy days. It is of the utmost importance to keep your gadgets safe and dry when it is pouring outside. Want to know what they are? Take a look at our simple hacks to protect your gadgets this monsoon season.

Hack #1: Unplug During Lightning

Thunderstorms and lightning are very common during the rainy months. Then again, these showers can also be the main cause to damage your devices. Want to know how? We leave our gadgets such as televisions, microwave ovens and refrigerator plugged into the electric point. A thunderstorm could spoil your gadgets due to high voltage.

Additionally, power cuts are a common scenario during these months. Power fluctuations can cause potential damage to your gadgets. So, the best thing to do during a heavy shower is to unplug all the home appliances and gadgets that do not require immediate use. Moreover, unplugging the devices is one of the best ways to reduce electricity cost at home.

Simple Hacks to Protect Your Gadgets This Monsoon Season

Hack #2: Check the Sockets

This is one of the easiest hacks to protect your gadgets during monsoon. If you have electrical sockets placed near a window or balcony, it is best to check them before plugging in any gadget. These walls near a window or balcony tend to be damp causing high electric current discharge. Damp walls and sockets can cause your appliances and gadgets a lot of trouble.

Hack #3: Avoid Charging Wet Gadgets

If you have just gotten home from work after travelling in the rain, don’t immediately keep your latest smartphone or laptop on charge if you carried them in the rain along with you. It is one of the charging mistakes you need to avoid. Gadgets drenched in water can be a great risk when plugged in.

Simple Hacks to Protect Your Gadgets This Monsoon Season

Hack #4: Get Rid of Moisture

Gadgets and home appliances tend to form a lot of dust around them. If you do not get rid of this dust frequently, it causes form moisture. Moisture in the air leads to fungal growth automatically causing harm to your gadgets. So, make sure to clean regularly and get rid of the dust. This is one of the most important hacks to protect your gadgets when it’s pouring outside.

Hack #5: Don’t Forget Certain Gadgets

There are times when we forget our old tablet or Bluetooth speaker and remember it after weeks or months. Well, that’s a big no-no during the monsoon season. If gadgets are not used for a while, it is easy for moisture to seep in and cause problems. Moisture is one of the biggest enemies during these months. So, make sure you are using your appliances and gadgets every now and then.


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