Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Cool Tech-Savvy Dad

It’s that time of the year again where you get to shower your old man with love and appreciation. While doing this for a single day is just not enough, it’s a great day to start. If you are among those people who have no clue when father’s day is, it is coming up on June 17. Nevertheless, finding the perfect gift that your dad will absolutely love is easier said than done. So, have you given a thought to what you are going to get for your super-dad? Still mulling over it? Well, if you have a tech-savvy dad, then we have some father’s day gift ideas in store for you. Want to know what they are? Take a look at our list of father’s day gift ideas for your cool tech-savvy dad.

For the Smart Dads

A smart virtual assistant is one of the coolest tech-related father’s day gift ideas. There are tonnes of smart assistants available. For instance, there is the Amazon Echo Spot or Google Home speakers. Both are amazing in their own ways. A smart speaker will listen to commands and perform actions based on those commands. So your dad can listen to the morning news while getting ready or ask his smart assistant to book a cab for work. A smart gift for a smart dad, right?

For the Fitness Centric Dads

If your dad enjoys the everyday morning jogs or workouts, you can think of getting him a fitness band or a smartwatch. A fitness band will keep a track of all his fitness routines and will also keep a constant monitor on your dad’s heart rate. If you want to go for something fancy instead, you can consider a smartwatch. Along with all the fitness features, a smartwatch can be connected to your dad’s smartphone turning it into a mini smartphone on your dad’s wrist.

For the Music Fanatic Dads

Does your dad enjoy listening to songs of his time or listen to music during his daily workout? You can get your dad a pair of wireless headphones that will keep him company during his commute to work or during his runs. On the other hand, if your dad enjoys playing songs while drinking his morning chai or watching movies, you can get him a Bluetooth speaker, which will be easy to use and handle.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Cool Tech-Savvy Dad

For the Reading Enthusiast Dads

Get your dad an e-reader so that he can carry around his own library if he loves reading. Though an e-reader is nothing like a traditional book, it holds tons of books across various genres. Additionally, -readers are also easy to use and are comfortable for the eyes. This will ensure that your dad never runs of reading material.

For the Travelling Dads

The next on our list of father’s day gift ideas are for all the dads who travel a lot. If your dad travels a long distance to work, or frequently has to travel to different cities due to work, get him a power bank. This will ensure that he keeps his smartphone charged at all times for you to stay connected with him constantly.

For the Amateur-Photographer Dads

Dads are absolutely adorable when they start clicking random candid pictures no matter how bad the pictures turn out to be. You do not have to particularly get a DSLR camera for your dad. However, if your dad does have a passion for clicking pictures, you can get him a good point and shoot camera or a latest smartphone with amazing camera features.

For the Coffee Loving Dads

Most dads start their day with a cup of chai and watching the morning news. But, if your dad is more of a coffee person, show him how much you have noticed his likes and dislikes by getting him a coffee maker. With a coffee maker, your dad will be able to brew himself fresh and strong cups of coffee.

So, we have come to the end of your father’s day gift ideas for your cool tech-savvy dad. If you think we missed out on something, or have some interesting ideas, drop your thoughts in the comment section below. Here’s wishing all the dads a Happy Father’s Day in advance!


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