AI Features That Most Upcoming Smartphones Will Come With

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the topic of discussion in the world of technology for quite some time now. After the dawn of computers and smartphones, AI will be the next big revolution in technology. Major smartphone companies are working to incorporate AI features in their upcoming smartphones.  AI could bring a countless number of possibilities to smartphones. It will change the way we use our smartphones. Imagine using a phone that can think like a human and is probably smarter. It’s little wonder that smartphone companies are dedicatedly working on it. Let’s take a look at what AI features we can expect in most upcoming smartphones.

AI Camera

This feature has already started making its way to most of the latest smartphones in 2018. Smartphone cameras integrated with AI will detect the subject (food, landscape, fireworks, etc.) faster, adjust the lighting and other settings automatically. Additionally, for a portrait shot, this AI feature will automatically detect all the facial features and enhance them for sharp and high-quality pictures. One of the latest smartphone with amazing AI camera functionalities is Honor 10.

AI Features That Most Upcoming Smartphones Will Come With

Smarter Voice Assistants

Voice assistants like Google, Siri and Bixby are bound to get smarter with AI. Apart from answering questions, these voice assistants are also capable of performing various tasks when the right command is given. With the help of AI, smartphones will be able to perform a larger number of tasks, making them smarter and better.

Enhanced Smartphone Usage

This is one of the AI features that most people will look forward to. With an AI system, your smartphone will learn and understand your usage pattern. Over a period of time, your smartphone will automatically start performing a few basic functions without your help. Some of these functions may include switching from basic mode to silent once you reach work or automatically clearing apps every few hours. This feature will save users a lot of time and efforts.

AI Features That Most Upcoming Smartphones Will Come With

Better Security

As of now, smartphones have integrated AI for the face recognition feature. This feature detects the users face for unlocking the device. Apple iPhone X uses AI processing which enables the device to recognize any changes in the user’s face before unlocking. So, you could grow a beard or wear spectacles, with AI your smartphone will recognize it is you and unlock the smartphone.

In-built Language Translator

The last on our list of AI features is the inbuilt translator. We have a lot of apps that help us translate text from various languages with the help of internet. However, with AI you will not be requiring these apps anymore. Your smartphone will come with an inbuilt translator that will read and translate the text for you. Moreover, as this will be an inbuilt feature it will not require an internet connection.


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