Best Fitness Tracker for Different Types of Activities

Maintaining a healthy and fit body has become a lifestyle. While we are so engrossed in our workouts it becomes fairly difficult to track the calories burnt, the number of steps walked and monitor our heart rate. But, the right fitness tracker could do that for you. It sits quietly on your wrist monitoring your activity and gives you quick updates side by side. While all fitness trackers can keep a monitor on the entire day’s activity, let’s have a peek into the best fitness trackers for different types of activities.

Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming: Moov Now

Best Fitness Tracker for Different Types of Activities

Moov Now is one of the best options if you are looking for a fitness tracker for swimming. It can withstand up to 30 meters of water.  Turn on the swimming mode for Moov Now to track your laps, strokes, time, distance and pace. It gives you an in-depth breakdown data like distance per stroke and stroke rate and gives you feedback at the end of your swim to help you become better. Improve your swimming experience with this fitness watch as it has a long durable battery life of more than 200 workouts.

Best Fitness Tracker for Running: Fitbit Charge 2

Best Fitness Tracker for Different Types of Activities

The Fitbit Charge 2 is an ideal fit for keeping a track on your running sessions. It is a very easy to use fitness tracker which will monitor activity like your heart rate, the number of footsteps walked or run at the end of the workout session. The device will connect to the GPS on your smartphone to give you an accurate data on the distance you covered while running. The cardio fitness level feature gives you a sight into your fitness level based on your cardio fitness score. Get going with the Fit Charge 2 to enjoy your running experience.

Best Fitness Tracker for Sleep Monitoring: Fitbit Blaze

Best Fitness Tracker for Different Types of Activities

The right amount of sleep also plays a very important role for staying fit. Though the Fitbit Blaze looks like a Smartwatch on the first glance, it is a proper fitness tracker and looks really stylish. It keeps a track on your entire day’s activity and also monitors your sleep. During the day this tracker will remind you to move, gives you a summary of your workout and keeps a close check on your heart rate. At night, it monitors your sleep level by giving you a detailed insight on your sleep quality with the help of movement sensors and heart rate monitor. Sleep better with the Fitbit Blaze monitoring your sleep.

Best Fitness Tracker for Gymming and Workouts: Fitbit Alta HR

Best Fitness Tracker for Different Types of Activities

Whether you are lifting weights or burning calories with an intense cardio workout, Fitbit Alta HR will keep a precise track on your activity. The SmartTrack feature records all your workout stats such as the number of calories burned, how long you were active and your heart rate zones. With the help of the Fitbit app set goals for the amount of exercise and steps, you will take in a day. It also gives you an insight on the amount of food you intake during the day to keep you focused on your healthy goals. Get healthier with this slim fitness tracker that will track your exercise and reminds you to move.

Best Fitness Tracker for Cycling: Jawbone UP 24

If you enjoy cycling as an everyday activity then the Jawbone UP 24 is your perfect companion. It tracks your overall activity during the day and connects with your phone to give you an accurate data on the distance you have cycled. Jawbone UP 24 monitors your activities during the day and the night giving you an alert to walk around if you have been sitting for too long. It also scans barcodes on food items to let you determine the number of calories you will consume. Start tracking your activities with this beautifully designed slim fitness tracker.


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