This is how you can Delete Sent Messages on Whatsapp

Have you ever sent a message unknowingly to someone on Whatsapp you did not intend to? Or even regretting sending a message right after hitting the sent button? Breathe easy, a new Whatsapp feature will allow you to revoke the sent messages. Now you can delete sent Whatsapp messages within seven minutes of sending the message.

The delete/recall/revoke feature for Whatsapp messages has been in the rumour mill for past few months. To recall, a few Whatsapp Beta users had previously reported a new feature called ‘Revoke’ which would help users to withdraw or delete sent Whatsapp messages. Now, the feature is officially rolled out for all Android mobiles, Apple iPhones, and Windows Phone platform.

The new feature was spotted by WABetainfo via a report. The report mentioned that the new feature will work only if the recipient and sender have updated to the latest version of Whatsapp. However, we find this feature working even if the recipient has the previous version installed on his device. The report also mentioned that the feature even works on the Web version.

Steps to Delete Sent Whatsapp Messages

This is how you can Delete Sent Whatsapp Messages

This is how you can Delete Sent Whatsapp Messages

  1. Open Whatsapp and navigate to the chat section.
  2. Now go to the contact (person) where you wish to expunge the message.
  3. Tap and hold the message(s) which wanted to revoke.
  4. Tap on the delete option from the menu shown on the top.
  5. Now, select “Delete For Everyone” option.
  6. The selected message will appear as “You deleted this message for everyone” or “This message was deleted”.
  7. And it’s done. You have successfully deleted the sent message.
  8. It’s noteworthy that this function will only work within seven minutes of sending the message.

Google Chrome add-on

This is how you can delete sent messages on Whatsapp using the new ‘Delete For Everyone’ option. Still, there are a few things you should know about this new feature. We have mentioned them below:

  • This feature can work on individual as well as group chats.
  • The withdrawn message will appear as “This message was deleted”.
  • The recipients can read the full message before it has been deleted. This feature will work even if anyone sees your message.
  • If anyone quotes your message, then there is no option to remove the message from quotes. You can still recall your message, but the quotes will still be visible.

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