7 Ideas to Earn Money Online while you Sleep

A few years back, you would have been called mad for considering passive income ideas in India. There were only a few ways to earn passive income at that time, and the income opportunities were limited as well. But now, there is an ocean of opportunities in the passive income space that will allow you to earn money online even while you are sleeping.

Everyone knows that money is important to fulfil all your basic needs. The need for money is the reason why most of us do the job. But, the money we receive after working 9 to 5 work is never enough to fulfil all our needs. If you feel the same, then passive income could be the best option for you. Passive income is a stream which maintains a cash flow received with minimal or even with no efforts on a regular basis. All you need is a laptop or desktop PC and an internet connection to begin your online business.

Create YouTube channel

When YouTube first appeared on the internet, a few people tried their hands and posted their videos on the platform. The people who had joined at that time are now millionaires. YouTube is a hugely popular video-sharing platform which allows anyone to join and create their own channel. Find a niche in which you are good at. Create interesting content and publish. Once you get good views and subscriptions for your channel, you can join YouTube Partner Program to monetise your channel.

Sell an eBook

One of the popular ways to earn money online is to sell an eBook. If you are not that creative in writing, you can still start writing a book on non-fiction topics such as online marketing, technology, career advice, and other genres. But, if you think you can write the next best selling fiction book, you should definitely write one. However, there is much more competition in the fiction genre books than the non-fiction. You can even publish your eBooks to platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Apple iTunes Connect.

7 Ideas to Earn Money Online while you Sleep

Sell stock photos

We all love to click photographs. How about making it as a source of income? Consider selling your photographs to websites that serve stock-images for commercial purpose. There are various websites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, and Alamy that allows you to create your portfolio and earn money when someone pays for using your photo. Again, you can start with general photography or go for a niche such as business photography, industrial, nature, or landscape. This is one of the ways which allow you to earn money online while you sleep.

Affiliate and referral marketing

In affiliate and referral marketing, you have to help another business for driving sales. For doing this, you will receive a commission on each sale which is generated through your efforts. You can find many trusted affiliate marketing programs online with which you can start your affiliate marketing business. For doing this, you have to create a website which will have outbound links redirected to the products of the affiliate program host. Amazon Associates affiliate marketing program is a good program to begin.

Prepare an online educational course

More and more people are shifting to the online learning platforms from the traditional learning systems. Online learning allows you to learn new skills and gain knowledge without the barrier of location, time, and travelling. Platforms like Lynda, Coursera, and Udemy are renowned online learning platforms that allow you to put your courses on its platform. You can develop a course in photography, writing, programming, digital marketing or any other topics.

Get a website

Building a website is still one of the most remunerative options in the online space. We all know that the internet is flooded with blogs and websites that serve entertainment content, games or quizzes. Still, you can start a website and make a good income. You can promote your website on social media to drive traffic. Once you witness the good amount of traffic on your site, you can use Google AdSense system and earn money online for the advertisements displayed on your site by Google.

Sell products on your blog

If you own a blog having good traffic stream, you can use it for selling branded products. You can sell products like t-shirts, mugs, bags, and posters that feature your brand name. Moreover, you can sell products relevant to your niche which will help your devoted viewer base for making buying decisions as they trust your word. You can even connect with affiliate marketers to boost sales.


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