The Ultimate Mobile Buying Guide 2018: Choose The Perfect Smartphone

Can you imagine your life without a smartphone? Well, smartphone has become our everyday companion. On an average, a person changes his mobile every 1.5 years. Isn’t this surprising? Considering the ever-evolving mobile technology and the new features introducing so rapidly, it has become a necessity to stay in pace with the technological trend. With so many features and specifications, have you ever felt lost while buying a new smartphone? Here we are with ‘Ultimate Mobile Buying Guide’ for you to help you pick your ideal smartphone.

This Mobile Buying Guide 2018 infographic will simplify the picture for you. (click on the image to view it in full size)

Ultimate Mobile Buying Guide 2018: Choose The Perfect Smartphone

The very first question which comes to one’s mind before buying a smartphone is: Android or iOS?

The biggest debate of all time: Android or iOS?

Well, I would say neither of the OS loses in this debate. Both OS work efficiently and you won’t regret buying a smartphone with either OS. Let’s see some perks of each OS.

Android Perks:

  • Android smartphones are customizable
  • Bigger battery range option is available
  • Available in an affordable price range
  • Less secure with data
  • Frequent updates

iOS Perks:

  • iOS smartphones are more secure
  • In-built voice assistance
  • Realistic camera quality
  • Calls and messaging is easy and user-friendly

Which Display do you need? – Types and Sizes

Here are different screen display types:

TFT LCD: Has narrow viewing angle and poor visibility in sunlight.

IPS-LCD: Provides brilliant picture quality. It is costlier than TFT LCD.

OLED: Provides good quality picture. Works well in sunlight.

AMOLED: It has great color reproductions capacity, lightweight and saves battery too. You’ll have no issue using it under bright sunlight.

Super AMOLED: It is a better version of AMOLED display. This display is used in Samsung high-end smartphones.

Now, let’s talk about display size.

If you are not habitual to carry your phone in hand, prefer a screen size which can easily fit in your pocket or purse. If you watch a lot of videos or movies on your mobile then prefer a larger screen.

4-inch to 4.5-inch screen size: Perfect size if your use is limited to calling and texting only.

5-inch to 6-inch screen size: Perfect for internet browsing, watching videos, playing games.

6-inch to 6.99-inch screen size: This is a large size and is preferable for business usage for PPT, video presentations, etc. If you want a smartphone particularly for watching movies or online streaming, this screen size will be perfect for you.

Ultimate Mobile Buying Guide 2018: Choose The Perfect Smartphone

How much RAM does one need in a smartphone?

More the RAM better is the multitasking. In 2018, considering the frequent OS updates, buy a smartphone with 3GB RAM or above. The reason is, Apps in your phone get updates very often and they need more RAM to function smoothly.  There are smartphones with 8GB RAM too in the market. However, RAM up to 6GB is enough for a smartphone. You would like to have a look at our mobile price lists based on RAM.

How much battery capacity you’ll need?

Battery – Need to last long

Prefer a mobile that lasts long hours. Complex apps, heavy multitasking, and playing games can drain the battery quickly. Thus, if you are traveling or can’t connect with charger socket, you don’t want to end up with a dead phone.

Something to Remember: The larger the display size of your phone, the bigger battery you’ll need. You can have a look at our Big Battery Mobile List.

A mobile with 5.5-inch or bigger screen: Battery should be 3500 mAh or above

A mobile with 5 to 5.5-inch or bigger screen: Battery should be 3000 mAh or above

A mobile with 4 to 5-inch or smaller screen: Battery should be 2000 mAh or above

You can buy a smartphone with fast charging facility in it. Fast charging can juice your battery from 0 to 60% in just 30 minutes.

About SIM Slots:

Buying a Single SIM or Dual SIM Phone depends completely on your requirement.

Take care while buying dual-SIM mobiles. Understand whether it is a dedicated SIM slot or hybrid SIM slot. In hybrid SIM slot, you can either insert 2nd SIM or a memory card.

Ultimate Mobile Buying Guide 2018: Choose The Perfect Smartphone

Which Camera is better? – Single or Dual

Well, If you are a photo addict or someone who wants to purchase a mobile just for the camera then you need to give due attention to various camera features.

Megapixels – the greater the better

More Megapixels are always better as it results in clearer and brighter pictures. Prefer phone with minimum 8MP rear and minimum 5MP front camera.

Single camera: In Single camera mobile, you can capture good quality images however the depth will be missing in clicked pictures.

Dual camera: In Dual camera mobiles, you can capture pictures with effects like bokeh effect, 3D image and depth mode. Zooming is better in dual camera smartphone.

Triple camera: Triple camera works better in capturing pictures with depth in it.

Storage – How much Internal and External memory you need?

Internal Memory: Internal memory is used by APPs and Caches. Prefer 32GB internal memory or more. Thus, you’ll have enough memory for APP installations as well as for your media files.

External Memory: Most smartphones come with expandable memory option via a micro SD card slot. External memory preference depends on your need for extra storage.

Some Special Features you would like to have on your phone.

Ultimate Mobile Buying Guide 2018: Choose The Perfect SmartphoneFingerprint scanner: You can unlock your smartphone with your fingerprint. This provides a high-level security to your phone.

Scratch-Resistant Glass: Choose a phone with scratch-resistant glass like Gorilla glass. It protects your smartphone from accidental damage.

Waterproof: A waterproof smartphone is water resistant and thus gives extra protection to your phone.

Dustproof: Dustproof mobiles are resistant to dust entering the mobile body.

 Shockproof: To ensure minimum shocks, handsets get some extra layers of protection. These handsets can withstand falls from certain heights. Such devices are suitable for people with harsh usage.

This guide to buying a smartphone will make it easy for you to choose ‘just the right smartphone’ for you. If you are ready to choose your next mobile, you can check our Popular Mobiles Price List in India.


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