Most Common Photography Mistakes That Amateurs Make

If you are considerably new to photography, it is pretty normal to make mistakes. No amateur or beginner gets the perfect shots on the first try. The first step to perfecting your photography is to realize where you are making errors. Photography is like an art, all you have to do is follow a few simple rules and guidelines along with your creativity to ensure that you are capturing the perfect shot. There are some common photography mistakes that most amateur photographers make. And it does not take a lot to correct these mistakes to make your picture look professional.

Whether you use a DSLR camera or a good camera mobile, there are certain ways through which you can improve your shots. In fact, it is highly possible that smartphone cameras may overtake DSLR’s in a span of few years. Regardless of what device you use, let’s take a look at some of the most common photography mistakes that amateurs make and how you can get rid of these oversights.

Concentrating on the Gear

If you own a camera from the DSLR camera price list, then there is a high chance that you will also have camera accessories like the lens, tripod and much more. These camera accessories are not easy to carry around and slow you down. Instead of focusing on the accessories, it is always better to first become comfortable with the camera. Once you know how to use your camera properly, you will understand how to use the accessories to your advantage as well. Focusing too much on the gear is one most common photography mistakes that beginners make.

Most Common Photography Mistakes That Amateurs Make

Focusing on the Center

One of the most common photography mistakes that amateurs make is focusing on the exact centre. When you click a picture with a focus on the centre, a person viewing your image is sure to get confused where they are supposed to look. While focusing on the centre is fine in certain situations, it does not work always. Pictures look more professional and precise when you click pictures keeping the Rule of Thirds in mind. According to this rule, to capture the perfect shot you should place your subject along the lines of the nine-square grid. This rule guides you to place the subject on any one of the four intersecting lines of the grid. Following this rule will bring your actual subject in focus.

Most Common Photography Mistakes That Amateurs Make

Forgetting the Clutter

When you click a picture, make sure that there is no clutter or obstructions. A lot of times, we are so focused on the subject that we forget to take note of what is happening in the background. If you are trying to click a picture of a building, make sure that you do not have any vehicles or people that are taking away the focus from your main subject.

Black & White Contrast Issues

Black and white images are not all that easy to click. When not shot properly, black and white can look too flat or too flashy. Due to this, the image may fail to capture shadows and highlight. If you do not set the proper tone for a black and white picture, it can merge with the background and provide a dull effect to the overall image.


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