Most Efficient Smart Microwave Features to Look For

Microwaves have become one of the most required and must-have kitchen appliances over the course of the recent few years. There was a time when microwaves were only used for heating purposes. But, today’s microwaves can do much more than simply heat your previous night’s dinner. You can use a microwave for baking, grilling as well as cooking. With a wide range of Solo, Grill and Convection microwaves to choose from, the microwave oven price list is filled to the brim with choices. Like all the other home and kitchen appliances, buying a microwave is a long-term investment. There are microwave ovens below Rs 7000 as well as microwave ovens above Rs 15000. But, to make sure that you pick the right model there are certain microwave features that you should look for. These features ensure that your microwave performs efficiently. Mentioned below are the most efficient microwave feature that you should look for.

Sensor Cooking

This is probably one of the first microwave features that you must consider. The sensor cooking feature automatically detects the moisture and humidity in the food. Based on the level of moisture, it automatically alters the time and power usage to make sure that the food is cooked properly and evenly.

Most Efficient Smart Microwave Features to Look For

Inverter Technology

This feature is majorly seen only on most of the high-end microwave models. Unlike most of the microwaves, inverter technology microwaves cook food at a consistent power level. This is mainly done to ensure that the food is cooked evenly and completely as well as retains the actual texture of the food.

Steam Chef

Some of the latest LG microwave ovens even come with the boiling feature accompanied with stainless steel accessories that usually consists of a steam dome or multi-cook tawa. So, if you have to boil any vegetables or eggs, pop them in the microwave. Additionally, the steam chef feature will cook your food in a lesser time.

Most Efficient Smart Microwave Features to Look For

Diet Fry

Another interesting feature seen on the high-end microwave models is the diet fry. Microwave ovens with this feature will allow you to make dishes with the minimal use of oil. Even with minimum oil, food tastes equally delicious.

Removable Racks

If you live with a large family or have too many members at home, it is a given that you will be cooking large amounts of food or more than one item at a time. In such cases, removable racks can be of great assistance. You can remove the racks to cook a large quantity of food or cook more than one item at a time.

Automatic Mode

With the automatic mode, the microwave will determine the amount of time that is required to cook or defrost the food. All you have to do is, enter the approximate weight of the food that you want to cook or defrost and the microwave will automatically calculate and determine the amount of time that is required to cook the food evenly.

Most Efficient Smart Microwave Features to Look For

Anti-Bacterial Cleaning

Keep your microwave squeaky clean at all times with anti-bacterial cleaning feature. This feature removes 99.99% bacteria. Microwave cleaning has never been made so easy. In a matter of few simple wipes, you can clean the interior part of the microwave.

Child Lock

This feature can be fairly useful if you have a child or children at home. The child lock is an incredibly helpful feature that can prevent any type of accidents with a child close by. This feature will keep away young children from operating or causing any accidents or interference with the microwave.


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