Check this Stunning Phone with Triple Bezel-less Display

The Xiaomi Mi Mix concept phone blazed a trail for the launch of phones with bezel-less display. Its excellent design and high screen to body ratio exceeding 90% left no stone unturned to wow us. Many other smartphone conglomerates joined the bandwagon to manufacture bezel-less phones. The Meizu concept phone, Huawei’s own concept device, Honor mobiles’ upcoming concept phone have already stirred the interest of many smartphone users etc.

Sony Xperia Edge Concept Phone

The Sony Xperia Edge concept phone has recently popped up in the news which managed to steal the limelight recently. The phone is actually from Sony mobile but is designed by designer Metti Farhang who shared it recently.

True to its name – Xperia Edge, the phone flaunts a double curved-edge design and comes with what is termed a triple bezel-less display. The screen edges at the top and sides have less design bezels and offer a curve all the way to the rear. However, towards the bottom, the device doesn’t comes with a curved bottom edge display. There is a slight free screen space. The device is designed with onscreen capacitive virtual buttons in typical Sony fashion.

There is no sign of doubt that the new Xperia Edge shall give a tough competition to the already launched Xiaomi mi Mix and the Sharp Aquos Crystal which is yet in its development mode as per the Japanese Smartphone maker. The design seems to be smaller than the 6.4 inches the Mi Mix came and there is a dual camera setup at the rear which sits to one end of the phone’s rear.

Meet The Huawei Honor Magic

The  Huawei’s concept device dubbed as the Huawei Honor Magic utilise similar near bezel-less display, and a high screen-to-body ratio. The phone has been tipped to be launch on December 16, 2016. Although the company hasn’t revealed much about the device, there are rumors in the air that the upcoming phone shall flaunt. The Honor Magic will be tasked to challenge the Mi Mix, which packs a 6.4-inch 1080p bezel-less LCD curved screen, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821, up to 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage, and a 4,400 mAh battery. The phone will not come with a built-in speaker or camera and may be some kind of modular smartphone.

The possibility that this Sony Xperia Edge concept phone design will find its way out is near zero since it’s not from the company.


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