Vinci – the First Smart Headphones with Artificial Intelligence

We are walking towards a future, a digital future wherein electronic devices shall be controlled by Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana. These assistants when combined with Amazon Echo and Google Home shall make your life much easier. In simple words, you can command the devices or gadgets to make your work done.

On the similar lines, a device that attracted our attention lately is Vinci. Vinci is a Smart Headset with Artificial Intelligence (AI) support that began as a Kickstarter Project.

What is Vinci?

Vinci is a headset. It is different from other headphones as it can be used as a standalone device. In fact, it works better alone than paired to a Smartphone.

As per the manufacturers, Vinci is a step towards the future of connected world where your headphones shall be the central hub. The gadget is powered by cloud technology without the need of connecting it to your mobile phone. Over the last two years the company has been testing and perfecting this smart, wireless headphone which is totally controlled by your voice.


Vinci allows you to conveniently voice control your music which is quite difficult in mobiles sometimes.  One can simply command Vinci about which song you want to listen to, or say a specific genre or mood, or even let Vinci pick a song for you while you walk, run, or commute. To do so, you can choose between your song collection which can be stored on the headphones. Alternatively, one can even choose from Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, or SoundCloud. Further, in order to deliver impressive personalization, Vinci includes an accelerometer, gyrometer, proximity sensor, optical heart rate sensor, GPS, and compass.

You can swipe up or swipe down to adjust volume. Swiping forward/backward will change tracks. The headphones stops playing automatically when it detects that you have taken the headphones off. The headphones is powered by Vinci Voice OS which is Android based and compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Battery life is awesome for the gadget. You will be amazed to know that one can to 50 hours of music when Vinci is connected to your smartphone and 10 hours when it is operated as a standalone player. So, what are your views about the new headphone? Will you love to own it? Stay tuned for release and updated pricing options.


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