How to Block Annoying Ads in Android Smartphones

There are times when we all feel irritated, thanks to the frequent ads and pop-ups on our Android smartphones. And the worse part of this is that we can’t do anything to block them permanently. Is there any option to block the ads without paying for an ad-free version of each and every app?

Web browsing is becoming an everyday necessity for most of us and smartphones are the most preferred device for browsing. Approximately 70 percent of the time of our internet usage is spent on visiting websites. And we are greeted with annoying ads even when we are not interested.

The ads are mostly intrusive and it hampers our ability to consume content. While browsing sites on desktops, we have a lot a ways to block the ads using browser extensions, while mobile browsers don’t exactly offer such kind of flexibility due to the security reasons and device restrictions.

While so, we have figured out some tools using which you can deal with online ads. Being an Android user, you get some amount of controls using which one can customise their device. However, some features are blocked by design to keep the device secure.

How to Block Annoying Ads in Android Smartphones

Again, there is an option to root Android smartphones to gain full access to the pure Android experience. Below we have mentioned the methods to block ads on the device having root access and a device without root access.

For Android Smartphones without root access

The Android smartphones sans root access are hard to crack with the internals of the software stack. Still, you can block ads without the root access. One easy way is by using the Adblock Browser.

AdBlock Browser

Similar to the AdBlock Plus extension that we use on desktop browsers, AdBlock Browser works in a similar way for smartphones. The Adblock Browser app is available on both Play Store and Apple App Store. It is a simple browser which allows users to perform web browsing without ads. Furthermore, there are settings using which you can block selective ads or simply block all ads.

The AdBlock Browser is simple to use but you may find it boring as it has limited functionality. Most of the Android smartphone users use Google Chrome or UC Browser which provides modern web browsing experience just like on the desktop.


Brave is an easy browser app which offers a combination of functionalities like Google Chrome and Facebook Messenger. It was previously known as Link Bubble which opens web pages on bubbles which are similar to Chat Heads on Messenger. It provides minimal ads experience to the users. Also, the users can enjoy earning a few bucks by simply watching the ads presented while browsing.

How to Block Annoying Ads in Android Smartphones

The concept of this app is really simple. It presents a small number of non-intrusive kinds of ads to the users. These ads are placed in such a manner that it looks like a part of the content of the webpage you are viewing. The users can permit some types of ads to display while browsing and it will generate some revenue which can be used to explore ads free version of your favourite websites.

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For Android Smartphones with Root access

Rooting has its own share of good and bad pointers. By rooting you unlock a whole new level of customization. Here we tell you how. The Adblock mob has created an app which you can download from their website.

There are two things you need to be sure of:

  • You fall into the category of root access.
  • You have to enable the installation of “Unknown Sources” from the security settings for your device.
  • After this, download the app and launch it. Grant root access to the same.

The perks of this are- you can modify the settings to see some or none of the ads. The app will block ads from the browser and within different apps as well. This is done by creating a VPN and forcing the traffic through it.


Ads are seemingly omnipresent till the content creators, publishers and managers brainstorm for a different revenue model. Removal of ads from quality content has been a recurring issue at least for mobiles. Though there are many absurd and false solutions, it is tough to find the right one. The solutions mentioned here are one of those which will actually help users to ad block either partially or fully at no cost.


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