Save Data, Save Money: Here’s How You Can Make The Most of Your Mobile Data Usage

There were times when mobile data was unlimited to most smartphone users. Over time, as data usage increased, so did the cost. At present, unless you are still on an unlimited data plan, you will understand the need for planning your mobile data usage. If we think about it, since smartphones made their way into our lives, we hardly have the use for any other gadget. Right from browsing, streaming videos, using social media, to listening to songs, our smartphones can do it all.

But, what keeps our all our activities and apps running on the smartphone? It most certainly is the data. The problem doesn’t end with having an unlimited data plan. Even unlimited plan users are saddled with sky-rocketing charges, speed throttling or hidden limits. Every telecom operator is trying to offer the fastest and cheapest data plans, but which one is the best for you? If you are an active smartphone user, then you will be looking for ways to reduce your mobile data usage without exceeding limits. Well, we can help you on that account, and here’s how.

Reduce Data Usage #1: Opt for the Right Plan

Everyone’s smartphone usage is different. Your smartphone usage might include more browsing or more social media usage. All activities require a different amount of data usage. So, first, understand how much data you use every month. Tracking your monthly data usage is super easy on Apple and Android smartphones. Once you have a rough idea of how much monthly data you use, opt for a data plan that is slightly higher or close to your usage. This way, you won’t over exceed your data limits and you will not waste money on a data pack that you will not completely make use of.

Save Data, Save Money: Here’s How You Can Make The Most of Your Mobile Data Usage

Reduce Data Usage #2: Set Alerts and Limits

When you have a data plan, you can easily keep a check on it by going to settings > mobile data. In this, you can also set alerts and limits for your data plans. It is the easiest way to reduce your mobile data usage and make sure that you do not over exceed the limit without any clue. This is most helpful for 4G mobiles in India with 4G data plans. Once you set alerts, you will be reminded every time you are close to finishing your data plan or will be surpassing the limit. A pretty great way to make sure you don’t overdo with your smartphone usage, right?

Reduce Data Usage #3: Use Wi-Fi Whenever Possible

Do you want to save your mobile data? Then, start using Wi-Fi as much as and whenever possible. We mostly have Wi-Fi access at home and work- it is best to take advantage of it. However, if you are unsure of open connections in public places like supermarkets and cafes, then try avoiding it. Moreover, to make sure that you are reducing data usage, set your apps to update only when the Wi-Fi is turned on. This saves up on a lot of data that you could use for a different purpose.

Save Data, Save Money: Here’s How You Can Make The Most of Your Mobile Data Usage

Reduce Data Usage #4: Prefer Streaming Services with Offline Options

Streaming music and videos takes up most of our data consumption. If you are someone who ends up using their data plan on streaming music and videos, then its time you prefer streaming services with offline options. There are some streaming services which will allow you to save songs and videos and listen to them in offline mode. Some apps like Google Play Music, Apple Music and Spotify allows you to save content for offline listening. Additionally, if you prefer using streaming services like YouTube, make sure that you reduce the quality of your video to limit data usage.

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Reduce Data Usage #5: Check on Data-Hungry Apps

We download tonnes of apps without realizing that these apps eat up a lot of data even when they are running in the background. This can be a huge problem when you are trying to save up on your mobile data usage. You might not even realize when Gmail is working to sync a new mail or Google photos apps is syncing a photo you just clicked. If it is an app that you use frequently, then set data limits for the app. Nevertheless, if it is an app that’s just dusting away on your phone, then you can consider getting rid of it once and for all.


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