7 Simple Tips To Fix Your Slow Phone: Android & iOS

We have all gone through the stage where we buy a new smartphone that works perfectly well initially. It performs all the functions super fast without any hitch. Fast forward to the next few months, apps take longer and are slow to open, switching between screens takes time and the device is not as swift as before getting you stuck with a slow phone. When you compare latest mobile phone with your previous one, you’ll find both are operating very slow. It is a common problem with most smartphones and instead of worrying about it, follow these simple tips to fix your slow phone.

Delete apps that you are not using

7 Simple Tips To Fix Your Slow Phone: Android and iOS

We all tend to download apps that we eventually stop using and forget that they exist on our phones. It is okay to have so many unwanted apps when you have a lot of storage, but these apps make your phone slow. They use up a lot of the phone’s resources and maybe running in the background fragmenting your storage. It’s time to get rid of the unwanted apps on your phone.

Clear the cached data

Having cached data is a good thing, as it helps to boost the speed of your phone. But, built up cache can become too heavy on the phone’s storage. There are various options to download an app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store that will help in clearing the cached data of the phone. Or, the option for clearing cache for every individual app can be done through the app manager on the phone.

Clean the device storage

Just like all the unwanted apps, our phones are filled up with songs, pictures, videos and other files that we don’t require. These files fill up the storage, eventually affecting the phone’s performance. Go through these files and delete the ones that are just hogging up space.

Cut back on the Widgets

7 Simple Tips To Fix Your Slow Phone: Android and iOS

Android widgets are really cool and make your phone all the more convenient to use. But these widgets are constantly working to fetch data and updates, in turn, making your device slow. It’s not necessary to dump them all, but keep in mind to stick around with a few essential ones. The same goes for Apple iPhones; keep the home screen clean and don’t stock up on unnecessary widgets.

Reduce Animations

If you are facing problems with your phone being slow to move from one app to another, try reducing the animations of the phone. Animations definitely look good but they slow the phone down. Additionally, forgo the use of live wallpaper and replace it with a still image.

Keep Software up to date

7 Simple Tips To Fix Your Slow Phone: Android and iOS

Keeping your phones software up to date whether it is iOS or Android, plays an essential role in the phone’s speed. Software updates are not just about new features but they also enhance the phone’s performance and kills bugs. Make sure to keep your phones software updated with the latest version.

Reset your Phone

Sometimes, restarting your phone is all it takes to get your phone to function properly. On the other hand, there are times when even restarting a slow phone won’t improve the performance. In such cases, you can back up all the data on your phone’s cloud and factory reset your smartphone. A reset will help you get rid of the phone’s issues.


A new smartphone is a powerhouse that gets things done in an instant. Even though this phase does not last for long, a slow phone is something we all want to avoid. So go ahead and follow these simple tips to ensure that your phone is as good as new.


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