7 Best Gaming Mouse to Buy in India

As a gamer, it is a priority to be armed with all the right equipment to defeat all enemies and win great battles in the gaming world. To reach such heights, the one must-have equipment is a gaming mouse. Most people use a regular mouse for gaming. But due to the low sensitivity and DPI (dots per inch) adjustment, gaming is not as enjoyable when compared to a gaming mouse. Keeping in mind the features, accuracy and durability; here is our list of the best gaming mouse to buy in India:

Logitech G302

The Logitech G302 gaming mouse comes with a lot of power packed features making it perfect for long gaming sessions. The buttons on this mouse are pressure and damage resistant and can easily withstand 20 million clicks. This mouse comes with a highly sensitive Delta ZeroTM sensor technology which accurately tracks even in surfaces with low friction. It has a pixel density of up to 4000 DPI, making it really fast. The button actions can be customized with the help of a programmable controller. Overall this mouse is durable, lightweight and compact in shape.

7 Best Gaming Mouse to Buy in India

Redragon M601 Centrophorus

Redragon M601 Centrophorus is easily one of the most affordable gaming mice in India. The body is made of plastic and is very comfortable to use for long hours of intense gameplay. It comes with a switch that can adjust the DPI according to the gaming needs. The mouse has 4 Teflon pads that provide smooth tracking, a laser sensor and adjustable weight system. The weight plug can be easily removed by rotating it and tapping it out. It is a user-friendly mouse with custom weight system, 6 programmable buttons and LED lighting.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

The name Razer is known worldwide for their gaming hardware. The Razer DeathAdder has been on the top lists of gaming mouse for long now. The new design Razer DeathAdder has a simple and effective design. This mouse can easily survive 50 million clicks making it last for long. Additionally, the buttons below the scroll wheel helps in adjusting the DPI setting easily. It has an advanced optical sensor with up to 16, 000 DPI and a resolution accuracy of up to 99.4{f5b93dcae151b2807b21469b64c634b1c5eb405667157a858d761bab7dfbcdb9}. The mouse comes with a smooth matte plastic surface making it easier to hold for long.

7 Best Gaming Mouse to Buy in India

Corsair Harpoon

The Corsair Harpoon features a 6000 DPI gaming sensor with advanced tracking technology for accurate control. The 6 programmable buttons lets the user enable everything from simple remaps to complex macros. The 6 programmable buttons also include a centre DPI switch to adjust the DPI according to the game and forward and backward buttons on the side of the mouse. It has a compact design to fit the hand perfectly. Furthermore, the body features a grip-able leather making it more comfortable to use.

Asus ROG Gladius II

The Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) Gladius II is a desirable device for all gamers. It is pricier compared to the other gaming mice but is absolutely worth buying. This mouse has impressive features like swappable buttons, a sensitivity toggle and a clickable scroll wheel. It has advanced 12, 000 DPI optical sensors. The mouse is not covered with buttons like other gaming mice but has sufficient buttons which are pretty flexible. The RGB lighting gives a pleasant effect to the mouse illuminating the scroll wheel, ROG icon and the area underneath the mouse.

7 Best Gaming Mouse to Buy in India

RedGear DragonWar Thor ELE G9

The RedGear DragonWar Thor ELE G9 sports more than seven control buttons. It is easy to assign your choice of gaming action to the programmable buttons. The software of this mouse is very neat making it easy to adjust DPI, sensitivity, refresh rate and changing the colours of the backlight in a jiffy. The mouse has a solid build and the button placement is perfectly placed. The multi-coloured RGB lighting adds an aesthetic look to the mouse.

Logitech G402 Hyperion

The Logitech G402 Hyperion is a powerful and ultrafast FPS gaming mouse and can resist up to 20 million clicks. The latest technology, Delta Zero ensures the user that the pointer’s position on the screen is apt. It is a fast mouse that transfers rate under one millisecond. The mouse has 4000 DPI optical sensor. The eight programmable buttons on the mouse can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences. It has a compact build with damage resistant materials.  A special coating prevents the mouse from getting sticky due to sweat during long gaming sessions.


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