Best Fitness Bands you can buy in India

Fitness is essential for human life and everyone loves to stay fit and active. To track and measure the amount of exercise we get or just to keep track of the workout a fitness band comes in very handy. So today, we give you a list of the best fitness bands you can buy in India without breaking the bank.

Best Fitness Bands 2017

Xiaomi Mi Band

One of the cheapest and the best fitness bands available right now in India is the original Mi Band and it is also the best value for money one. It is priced at about Rs. 799 and at this price, it offers excellent built quality and water resistant features. It can track calories, steps and sleep among the other things; it needs synchronisation with the Mi Fit app available on both iPhone and Android mobiles for the user to be able to see any data, as it does not have a display. The band is a very popular fitness device as it offers moderately accurate tracking at a budget price.

Pros – Budget pricing, Good Build quality, long lasting battery
Cons – No display

GOQii Life Fitness Band with Personal Coaching

GOQii’s USP is that it is not just a fitness band but a whole ecosystem, GOQii on the purchase of the life band assigns you a personal fitness coach to guide, motivate and help you at every step. GOQii offers an app goes along with the band and once a user logs in they can track their activity and get guidance from the coach. The GOQii life is priced at Rs. 1,999 for the 3-month subscription period but it is usually available at about Rs. 1,500.

Pros – Display, Personal Coaching
Cons – Subscription model

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Similar to the original Mi band, the Mi Band 2 is a well-priced and versatile device. The Mi Band 2 offer a heart rate sensor along sleep tracking, steps tracking, calorie tracking along with a display which shows the day, date and time. The band is made of Hypo-Allergic material and offers better water resistance compared to the Mi Band. I personally have been inside a swimming pool with the band on my hand for 5 minutes and it still works. The Mi Band 2 is priced at Rs. 1,999, which is an excellent price for the device and is totally value for money.

Pros – Heart rate sensor, Budget Pricing, Great build quality.
Cons – Scratch Prone display and a tab bit small band.

Lenovo Smart Band HW01

The HW01 is a Flipkart exclusive device, which is priced at Rs. 1,999 and comes with a 0.91-inch OLED display. It is compatible with both iOS and Android, it tracks steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled along with heart rate monitoring. It also offers a sports mode, which records the heart rate every 15 minutes and notifies once the user reaches a certain heart rate level. There is also an Anti-Sleep mode, which alerts the user by genteelly vibrating the device; it also allows the user to set a vibration alarm if the person sleeps beyond a certain threshold. The HW01 has a silicone band and weighs 22 grammes.

Pros – Display, Good Looks
Cons – Comparatively weak battery life

Fitbit Alta

FitBit Alta is the best in its class, it is the most accurate fitness tracker you can find and is made for all the fitness junkies out there. The band looks sleek and classy and comes in various colours to appease the fashion conscious people as well. The Fitbit Alta is priced at Rs. 12,999, which is quite expensive but can be found for about Rs. 8000 during sales, which for what it offers is a great price.

Pros – Best in class tracking, Stealthy and good looks
Cons – Expensive


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