How To Choose An Ideal Hand Blender in India

Technology has made things convenient and easy for everyone. It was probably the luckiest day when technological advancements seeped into the kitchens reducing the manual work of the ladies slogging in them day in and day out. But the love that handmade food with hand operated appliances produced was unmatched. Instead of solely being dependent on the automatic kitchen appliances people are seen opting for those which are used by hand. One of these is the hand blenders. Even after a lot of progress, hand blenders are not out of fashion. With rising competition, multiple brands, varying outlets and a wide range of prices people find it difficult to choose the right one from the options.Here we bring you some parameters one needs to look into before buying an ideal hand blender in India.

Hand Blender in India

  • Power Button

The primary concern of most of the women using hand blenders is the most hyped power button. To press hold it or to once press it, the dilemma continues. The hand blender which ensures comfort in this aspect should be bought.

  • Safety

Any appliance to be used in a house should be safe. It must be checked if the blender conforms to the safety standards or not.

  • Materials Used

Most of the blenders have a steel shaft while some have a plastic one. Long shafts in blenders are necessary when cooking in large quantities. The plastic shafts have a tendency to melt in a hot pan as opposed to steel shafts.

  • Accessories

Many blenders come with numerous accessories that assist in chopping, whisking and other functions while basic blenders with no attachments are also available in the market.

  • Blade

The blade essentially is a stainless steel commodity. It can either be a regular one or a tri-blade. The blade should not be light as it can get damaged while working on a large quantity. The ideal blade should be thick, heavy and sturdy.

  • Weight

Weight is an important factor in governing the ideal blender. It decides the portability and user-friendliness. For small tasks like making soups, purees, milkshakes heavy blenders can be a big put off.

  • Wattage

Wattage is the crucial factor in governing the type of motor. So more the wattage powerful is the motor.

But from various experiments and comparisons of the performances of various blenders, it is concluded that wattage is not that accountable in noting the difference between blenders.

  • Brand Reputation

Choosing a reputed brand is always important while buying any product. For best quality and safety assurance, you can rely on hand blenders from brands like Prestige, Sunflame, and Philips to name a few.

With the above-mentioned parameters, one can easily choose the most suited hand blender in India from the wide price range of Rs. 650 to Rs.6500 (or more).


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