Apple iOS 10 Highlights – The Biggest iOS Release Ever

The biggest iOS update for Apple iPhone users is coming on Tuesday, September 13, which is the talk of the town these days. The latest OS upgrade from Apple is considered as the most significant revamp since the company has renovated the design with the release of iOS 7 back in 2013.

The Apple Inc. announced the official release date for iOS 10 at a special event in California, where the much-awaited iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch 2 were unveiled. The new operating system was first announced in June this year at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

The latest range of iPhone 7 smartphones comes pre-installed with the iOS 10 operating system. While the older Apple device owners will have to take software upgrade which will be made available by Apple on September 13. Apple has portrayed the iOS 10 as the ‘biggest iOS release ever’. Let’s have a look at some of its highlights.

Apple iOS 10 Highlights - The Biggest iOS Release Ever

Highlights of iOS 10

  1. Messaging- A new own handwriting text messages feature is been included. The recipient of the message can also watch the message as it is been written just like writing on a piece of paper.
  2. Invisible Ink- The messages you receives will always be hidden until you swipe it to reveal.
  3. Quick Message – The users have the option to choose from six pre-saved different quick responses when you don’t have enough time to reply.
  4. Better Emojis- New feature allows sending fireballs, heartbeats, sketches and more. The common feature of drawing over a video in Snapchat is now available in iOS.
  5. Stickers- Stickers are now available that could enhance your photos. It is offered in the new App store for iMessage.
  6. iMessage Apps & Multitasking – The new feature will allow you to chat and use your favorite apps simultaneously. The multitasking feature will never kill your message app while you’re using other apps.
  7. Smarter Siri- The artificial intelligence of Siri has just got better with the new update. The navigation of apps using SIRI has become better than before. You will just have to say SIRI what you want and you’ll get it done.
  8. Maps- The upgraded Maps App can let you explore the locations hassle free. The suggestion features with iOS 10 has incorporated the reservation feature with ‘OpenTable’ app. Else, you can simply book a taxi on Uber using Maps.
  9. Better Music experience- The iOS 10 allow users to listen to music while viewing the lyrics. A new search tab is also added which makes the song search easier.
  10. Photos- Similar to Timehop and Facebook’s ‘On this day’ feature, Apple now has included a feature which will rediscover your old memories with your photographs. The feature will automatically create edited films named as Memory Movies which can be pulled together with theme music and custom titles.

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