Advantages of Smartphones for Children That Parents Should Know About

One of the most discussed and debatable topics of our current generation is – if smartphones are a boon or a bane to us. There is no definite answer to this question. Smartphones offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages – we only need to understand how to make the best use of these devices. However, smartphones are not just for adults. Even children of all ages use or own a mobile phone. Excessive smartphone usage among children is a worrisome issue among parents. But, in a world where technology plays such an important role, it is extremely difficult to keep children away from smartphones. It is true that excessive smartphone usage & smartphone addiction isn’t good for anyone, especially children. But, in retrospect, there are certain advantages of smartphones for children if parents teach them to make use of this technology in the right way.

Instead of focusing on the disadvantages, focus on the benefits that your child can reap from the latest technology. Here are some of the advantages of smartphones for children that parents should know about.

P.S – children don’t particularly need high-end mobile phones. Even mobile phones below 10000 are a great pick for kids.

Advantages of Smartphones for Children That Parents Should Know About

Great for Improving Knowledge

One of the most important advantages of smartphones for children is that it is a great way for kids to improve their knowledge. Almost all the latest mobile phones offer access to the internet. In earlier days, books were the only source of gaining knowledge. However, digitalization has turned things around. With so many educational apps and websites available, children can find help to figure their algebra question or write down a difficult literature assignment. These educational apps help make the learning experience easier for kids.

Smarter Playtime

Parents always complain about children spending more time on smartphones instead of the playground. If your child enjoys playing games on smartphones, then you can use this to your advantage. All the latest Android mobile phones come with Play Store, which has a wide range of educational & brain games. There are apps like:

These apps are a fun way to keep your children learning even outside the classroom. Isn’t this the perfect way to keep children engaged while they also learning something educational and get smarter?

Advantages of Smartphones for Children That Parents Should Know About

Keep in Touch

All smartphones come with built-in GPS. This becomes an advantage if you want to keep a track on your child’s location. Additionally, children can get in touch with you in case of an emergency. Most smartphones have shortcuts which allow the user to contact people in emergency situations just at the click of a button. This again is one of the most beneficial advantages of smartphones for children.

Time Keeping

We might not have realized it, but smartphones are great time-keep devices. From making use of the alarm function to setting reminders with the help of the calendar – smartphones can do it all. It is a great way for children to keep a track on time and important dates. Children can make use of the calendar & reminder feature to set reminders for assignments & exams.

Advantages of Smartphones for Children That Parents Should Know About

Tech Savvy

People already debate on how to get rid of smartphone addiction. But, it is a pretty well-known fact that the world around us is going to get even more digital than it is today. We already depend on gadgets like smartphones & laptops in our personal and professional lives. Giving children the opportunity to explore and learn the latest technology in the right way will make them tech savvy in the future.


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