A ‘Safe’ Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Device Blown Up in China

It seems like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s misery has just not ended yet. The company has recalled the defective units of Galaxy Note 7 having affected batteries and replaced them with ‘safe’ units. But as per a recent report, a Chinese man has claimed that his Note 7 device has been exploded causing minor injuries to two of his fingers and damaged his MacBook Pro.

The South Korean tech giant has already started the sale of its ‘safe’ Galaxy Note 7 devices this month. After receiving the replaced Galaxy Note 7, customers in South Korea have complained about the battery of the latest mobiles.

The customers were saying that their new and replaced device is still facing some issues like overheating, improper charging and sudden loss of charge in the battery. And to make things worse, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion news has arrived from China.

Hui Renjie, (25-year-old) a Chinese resident has said that his new and ‘safe’ Galaxy Note 7 has exploded. He had purchased the latest mobile from an online retailer this week and the alleged safe Galaxy Note 7 device has exploded within the 24 hours after he received it.

A Samsung representative has paid a visit to him and asked him to carry off the smartphone. However, Renjie had refused the offer and asked the company to reveal the genuine reason behind the explosion. Furthermore, he expressed disbelieve about the company.

Meanwhile, Samsung has addressed the issue through an emailed statement that the company is presently contacting the customer and it will carry out a comprehensive examination of the exploded device in question once they receive it.

To recall, Samsung’s latest mobiles Galaxy Note 7 has already exploded and caught on fire in many countries for numerous times when it was available in. And as a result, the reputation of Samsung has absolutely taken some big hits once the whole recall thing has started. For the moment, the interested buyers might excuse themselves from the Galaxy Note 7, even as the ‘safe’ versions are exploding. 

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