8 Best Gaming Chairs in India [UPDATED]

Are you an online gaming enthusiast?

Are you looking for a comfortable gaming chair?

The best gaming chair does not online give you a comfortable posture. But also elevate your gaming levels. With hours of sitting on the same chair, gaming chairs are essential to make your posture right and comfortable. These chairs are designed to give you comfortable back and shoulder support so that you enjoy playing games on your PC and TVs.

Tons of gaming chairs available in the market which will suit your needs. These chairs are easily available in a variety and at pocket-friendly prices.

Why do you need a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs can be expensive, but if you a gamer and spend a long time in Infront of the console or PC you might need a gaming chair for comfort. With the increasing number of gamers and their passion, longer hours are spending on gaming consoles. With the dedicated gaming chair, a gamer feels comfortable and play and enjoy accordingly. However, a normal chair might give your lifelong body and shoulder pain. Hence, buying a gaming chair is worth the investment.

Except for gamers, gaming chairs are useful for-

  • Work in the office
  • In-home, where sitting is preferred for longer hours
  • People who suffer back and shoulder pain
  • In the luxury lounges and waiting rooms

List Of The Best Gaming Chair In India

Product Average User Rating Price Range Best Price
GENESIS NITRO 330 BLACK GAMING CHAIR 4.3/5 ₹14,324 Buy on Amazon
Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-07 4.3/5 ₹15,099 Buy on Amazon
Elecktra BOSS Executive HIGH 4.2/5 ₹7,797 Buy on Amazon
Sunny Enterprises SE-03 Gaming 4.3/5 ₹10,999 Buy on Amazon
Lanto Ergonomic Chair 4/5 ₹31,999 Buy on Amazon
CO-Z Vonluce Leather Gaming Chair 4.1/5 ₹12,999 Buy on Amazon
Savya Home® APEX Chairs™ 3.7/5 ₹9,990 Buy on Amazon
Green Soul® Beast Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair 4.3/5 ₹13,999 Buy on Amazon
CELLBELL® GC01 Transformer Series Gaming 4.1/5 ₹15,999 Buy on Amazon

What are the types of gaming chairs available in India?

The gaming chairs can be broadly categorized into 4 simple types-

PC Gaming Chairs

The most common gaming chairs are made for the people who need to sit for hours in from the PC. These chairs have a typical design with a 5-star wheelbase, armrest, and high backrest with-without headrest. These chairs can also be used in the offices for comfort. These chairs also have a swivel design to move around easily.

Console Gaming Chairs

Console gaming chairs are also commonly called rockers. These chairs have an unconventional design as they don’t have wheels or legs. As they are designed for the gamers who spend most of the time in Infront of the console gaming, these are L-shaped chairs directly kept on the floor. The term rocker is used because you can sway back and forth with these chairs.

Racing simulator Chairs

Racing simulator chairs are high-end gaming chairs made with technology. Although these chairs are expensive, but very comfortable and embedded with extra simulating features for the racing experience. They are designed along with the cockpit and attached to it. For casual gamers, these chairs are available with some basic features.

Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are generally chairs filed with microfibers and foams. These are soft and comfortable chairs that support all sorts of postures. The biggest bean bag chair may also allow you to sleep and lay flat in the room.

8 Best Gaming Chairs Available in India

1. Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-07

Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-07

Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-07 is very popular among the gamers as the chair is very comfortable and has plush padding. The exterior of the chairs is made of soft fabric which is very comfortable and durable in the long run. The company claims the comfort and larger seat for extra comfort for the user. The PU leather is specially treated which makes the seat fabric four times more durable than any other chairs.

  • Larger seat for comfort
  • Full-length backrest
  • Reclining backrest
  • Height adjustment with 4 hydraulics mechanism
  • Integrated lumbar support
Buy or not?

Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-07 is the best gaming chair so far. However, if you are a casual gamer, you might not want to spend on this expensive chair.

2. Elecktra BOSS Executive HIGH

Elecktra BOSS Executive HIGH

Elecktra BOSS Executive HIGH chair is a very versatile chair that has been designed with precision and quality fabric. The premium style chair is very comfortable with a high backrest and pillow attached for the comfort of the neck and back. The chair seats are stitched and lined with great designs and color which gives it premium look. The fabric of the chair is breathable leather filled with plusher padding. The company ensures that the chair is epically durable, easy to clean, and resist moisture which makes the chair perfect for every gamer.

  • Premium design and color scheme
  • Comfortable backrest with pillow
  • Soft cushioned armrest
  • 60mm casters for all types of floors
  • The durable upholstery
Buy or not?

Elecktra BOSS Executive HIGH are not a very hyped brand or company. But the product Elecktra BOSS Executive HIGH is game-changing chairs that offer 12-15 hours of straight sitting comfort.

3. Sunny Enterprises SE-03 Gaming

Sunny Enterprises SE-03 Gaming

Sunny Enterprises SE-03 Gaming chair is a gaming and racing chair with easy to assemble mechanism for the gamers. This chair has a seat dimension of 20” *20w” which is large enough to seat comfortably. The chair is completely customizable. It means you can adjust the height and sitting features of the chairs as per your needs. The backrest of the chair is not plusher with pillow or foam but is built with mesh to complete support. The chair is also suitable for office use due to its simple design.

  • Comes in various colors
  • The armrest height is 11 inches * 14 inches
  • Caster wheels with 2.3 inches
  • Tilt range of 20 degrees.
Buy or not?

Sunny Enterprises SE-03 Gaming chair is a comfortable chair for gamers. However, the height of the chair does go after the limit of 46 inches to 50 inches. So, if you need a higher chair, you might opt for Autonomous ErgoChair 2.

4. Lanto Ergonomic Chair

Lanto Ergonomic Chair with 4D Armrest & Modern Aesthetics

Lanto Ergonomic Chair is an all-day comfortable chair with padding support and a non-stiff leather seat. The backrest of the chair comes with different adjustments to cater to the needs of the gamers. The backrest also comes with soft pillows which give support to your neck and shoulders.


  • The reclining angle is 85-165 degrees
  • Wide and large seat for comfortable sitting
  • 5 years of warranty
  • Easy to assemble with a guidance manual
Buy or not?

Lanto Ergonomic Chair is a comfortable gaming chair with all the adjustments needed. Although if you are looking for an ultra-soft chair, then you should probably not choose this chair.

5. CO-Z Vonluce Leather Gaming Chair w Lumbar Support Massage Wheeled High Back Recliner Computer Chair Ergonomic Gamer Chair

CO-Z Vonluce Leather Gaming Chair

CO-Z Vonluce Leather Gaming Chair is a professional gaming chair made with metal alloy frames and premium leather seats. The design of the chair is not extravagant. But these are very simple and easy to adjust gaming chairs with larger seats and mesh build backrest. The stylish wheels in the base of the chair are stylish and smooth.


  • The chair has a premium neck and back support
  • Casters are built of 4 gas lift
  • The adjustable seat depth
  • Multi-direction lumbar support
Buy or not?

The chair is built with premium quality leather, extra back support, and a cushioned headrest for hours f gaming.

6. Savya Home® APEX Chairs™

Savya Home® APEX Chairs™

If you are a professional serious gamer and looking for an extra comfortable gaming chair for your daily need, then Savya Home® APEX Chairs™ is the best option. Although, the chair is expensive but worth the investment. The chair has been designed with all the necessary features that support any kinds of gaming styles. The fabric of the seat is long-lasting and anti-spill technology. The wheels of the chairs restrict the movement so that you don’t drift while racing games.


  • The headrest of the chair is adjustable and contoured
  • Backrest has a dynamic sitting option
  • Inflatable lumbar support
  • 4D armrest
  • Pushed and cushioned seat
Buy or not?

Savya Home® APEX Chairs™ is an expensive buy but the best in the line. If you are serious about gaming and professional, it is worth the buy.

7. Green Soul® Beast Series Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair (GS-600)

Green Soul® Beast Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Green Soul® Beast Series gaming chair is the premium chair in the range with a little wider seat and suitable for the long and heavy weight gaming crowd. The lumbar support is impeccable giving all the comforts in the world. Also, the assembly of the chair is easy and just takes 20 minutes to gather the parts of the chair. This durable and sturdy chair can be used for any kind of gaming style.

  • Gripped armrest for handling mouse and consoles
  • Quilted design seat for grip
  • Well adjustable heights of the chair
Buy or not?

Green Soul® Beast Series GS600 is a firm but the comfortable looking chair in the premium range. The price of the chair is not that high as compared to the building and design of the chair.

8. CELLBELL® GC01 Transformer Series Gaming/Racing

CELLBELL® GC01 Transformer Series Gaming

CELLBELL® GC01 Transformer Series Gaming/Racing chair is made with professional design and made especially for the gamers for longer hours. The brand ensures that the design of the chair has been tested and prototyped for years and finally arrived at a decision. The design and quality of the chair have not been compromised with the price.

  • Comfortable armrest
  • Tilt lock feature for safety
  • Neck rest pillow
  • 350 mm caster size
Buy or not?

The metal frame construction of the CELLBELL® GC01 Transformer Series Gaming/Racing chair is the best option for the gamers for longer hours.

Final Thought!

There are several gaming chairs in the market. You can choose the chair based on the factors that suit your conditions.


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