5 Features Only 8GB RAM Smartphones Can Offer

The mobile market has got saturated with its innovations in display, screen size, colours and more. Maximum of the handset makers are now shifting their attention to RAM and processors, especially 8GB RAM Smartphones.

A few years ago, smartphones had 512MB RAM which has now reached up to smartphones with 8GB RAM. When one comes to this development, they might wonder whether 8GB RAM is needed for smartphones or not. Also, people buy anything only after looking at its advantages.

5 Features Only 8GB RAM Smartphones Can Offer

Let us see what advantages an 8GB RAM smartphone has to offer to you:

Multi-tasking Facilities

When the RAM is more, multi-tasking becomes smooth. When one opens several apps at the same time, the phone with low RAM starts lagging. But the devices with 8GB RAM can take up everything. Even when multi-tasking, it ensures the fast speed of the device and a better access to the data.

Processing Power

5 Features Only 8GB RAM Smartphones Can Offer

The processing power depends upon the RAM. More the RAM, more is the processing power. Before producing the output, all kinds of information is processed; this can range from games, apps, software and photos. With more RAM one can get natural content, the way it is meant to be without degrading it at any point of time.

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Availability of Apps

Apps are usually classified in terms of their size and the memory they consume. Heavy apps require a particular amount of memory in order to run properly. The phones with lower RAM storage find it difficult to run such heavy apps but the phones with 8GB RAM is able to run the apps.

Gaming experience

With an 8GB RAM smartphone, a user gets an amazing gaming experience. With more RAM, the device will support colour at higher resolutions. The 8GB RAM gives the power for enhanced 3D representation which ultimately results in a realistic and lag-free graphics experience. Additionally, for a powerful, virtual yet real gaming experience there are brighter images, fast 3D video and animation.

5 Features Only 8GB RAM Smartphones Can Offer

Some of the upcoming 8GB RAM smartphones are as listed below: 

Samsung Galaxy X1 Plus

This 8GB RAM smartphone is expected to launch on 25th October 2017 and priced at Rs. 55,999.

Nokia 9

This phone from Asus is expected to be priced at Rs. 44, 999.

Xiaomi MI 7

The smartphone is rumoured to feature a 21MP camera and can be available with 6GB or 8GB RAM.

The advantages of an 8GB RAM smartphone will surely tempt you to buy one.


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