Price list of all T-Series Mobiles in India 22nd October 2017

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T-Series Mobiles Price in India 2017

Top T-Series Mobile Models Price Spec Score
T-Series String SG81 Rs.1,300 63/100
T-Series Duet T10 Rs.1,099 63/100
T-Series Feather SS909 Rs.4,399 73/100
T-Series Duet T-18 Rs.1,099 63/100
T-Series String SG99 Rs.1,599 63/100
T-Series Duet T11 Rs.699 62/100
T-Series Rockstar SS900 Rs.2,799 66/100
T-Series Jazz TP106 Rs.1,721 55/100
T-Series Duet T07 Rs.839 62/100
T-Series Duet T12 Rs.599 54/100