Top 8 Multipurpose Sofa Beds For All Kinds Of Rooms, The Buyers’ Guide, And Reviews

Why, after all, dedicate a whole spare room to serve as a guest bedroom when you can construct a multipurpose work-from-home office, a kids’ playroom, a music room, or even a home gym… all of which can be converted when guests do come to stay by simply bringing out the couch bed?

The days of an impossibly thin mattress tucked away between lumpy pillows that squeak out are over if you know where to search in furniture stores. Also, you can anticipate ergonomics in sofa beds to equal the mattress in your master suite in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

Top 8 Multipurpose Sofa Beds

Product Average User Rating Best Price
Coir FIT Folding Sofa Cum Bed 3.9 out of 5.0 stars Buy on
Metallika Centerville Three Seater Sofa cum Bed with Mattress 4.1 out of 5.0 stars Buy on
Adorn India Aspen Three Seater Sofa Cum Bed 4.0 out of 5.0 stars Buy on
Uberlyfe 3 Seater Sofa/Bed 3.9 out of 5.0 stars Buy on
Royal Interiors Sofa Cum Bed 3.9 out of 5.0 stars Buy on
Seventh Heaven 4 Seater Wooden Sofa Cum Bed 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Buy on
Royal Bed Manufacturer Single Size Matte Black Metal Sofa Cum Bed 4.7 out of 5.0 stars Buy on
Furny 3 Seater Gaiety Supersoft Fabric Sofa Cum Bed 4.2 out of 5.0 stars Buy on

Benefits Of Sofa Bed

  • Accommodate visitors: When you don’t have any visitors, you may fold the bed and use it as a couch, giving you a cozy area for sitting and sleeping.
  • Effective use of space: The majority of these couch beds include provisions for extra space. In this area, you can store daily-use goods like books, periodicals, newspapers, and more. This area can be used to store a variety of other necessities.
  • Expands the size of your room: This sofa/space-saving bed’s capabilities can be viewed as relatively limited. People tend to favor the couch bed since it is more aesthetically pleasing and has more practical uses.
  • Simple to use: This particular piece of furniture is made to be used quickly and conveniently by everyone. The sofa/couch bed is more practical due to its reduced weight and lubricated joint, and it’s simple to convert the couch into a bed and a sofa.
  • Budget-friendly: Even if an apartment is not necessarily small, a person may decide not to invest in many furnishings. Purchasing a couch bed is not only a sensible economical choice but also a beautiful aesthetic choice. Depending on your needs, you may turn it into a bed or a sofa, and you can use it for napping and entertaining visitors.
  • Easy to use: It may seem challenging to turn a bed into a couch and a sofa into a bed, but this is something that experts frequently do. Due to the small weight of the material and the lubricated joints, the process may be completed by one person.
  • Fashionable: Most individuals who live in modern flats now prefer a couch cum bed over a standard sofa because of its straightforward usefulness and multipurpose nature. In addition, artists are developing novel ways to make it seem more opulent and regal.

Types Of Sofa Beds

1. Click-clack sofa beds

The simplest design is the click-clack sofa bed. In these designs, the sofa’s backrest and seat may be folded flat to provide a sleeping area, and the locking mechanism emits the recognizable “click-clack” sound that gives them their name.

2. Pull-out couch

The name of this couch bed implies how it works. This piece of furniture bed can be removed from the center of the sofa. The bed frame typically snaps into position, and the mattress-supporting legs extend automatically.

3. Electric sofa bed

Control buttons are needed to convert this specific style of bed into a sofa and vice versa. People who occasionally experience back difficulties may find it a helpful solution. With electric sofa bed, you don’t have to bend or lift anything heavy.

4. Drawer sofa bed

Take out the lower extension, which looks like a drawer, from under the sofa to utilize the sofa bed. This furniture doubles as additional chairs when it’s not used as a bed.

5. Futons

This kind of couch bed is made with a metal or wooden frame. This couch bed is popular among Indians because of its simple design or basic mechanism, and it comprises a single cushion placed on a wooden or metal frame.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For Before Buying a Sofa Bed

  • Room size: It’s the best if you measure the sofa bed’s dimensions on the floor of the room where it will be placed before you buy it to ensure that it will fit. To ensure you have enough space to move around the room and access doors and windows, consider the sofa bed’s depth both in shape and when it is extended for sleeping. To guarantee you can fit your sofa bed into the room you intend to use it, check and measure the access needs unless your sofa bed is self-assembled.
  • Seating: The sofa bed mattress size should always be verified before you purchase because they might vary substantially. Although a sofa bed may advertise as a double, it sometimes falls short in the width and length of a typical double mattress. If you anticipate having two guests stay for an extended period, you may want to choose a larger sleeping area to make them more comfortable.
  • Mattress structure: Budget pull-out models typically have thin (roughly 6 cm deep), solid foam mattresses that, aside from the height of the sleeping surface, don’t provide much more comfort than a click-clack sofa bed. In contrast, higher-end options typically have mattresses with depths of 10 to 14 cm that are open-sprung, pocket-sprung, or even made of memory foam.
  • Mechanism: Test out a couch bed mechanism in-store first. This will help you determine how simple it is for you to fold and unfold. A pull-out sofa bed uses springs and levers to make extending more energy-efficient, as opposed to a fold-out or click-clack sofa bed, which is more likely to be heavy to extend and retract.
  • Storage: Space for storage might work wonders if you are short on space. Therefore, try to look for sofa and bed sets that include storage. These storage facilities will allow visitors or relatives to store their items without taking up your space.
  • Level of comfort: You must ensure that the sofa and bed sets you purchase are comfortable. Check that the sofa/bed set’s foam doesn’t sink whenever someone sits on it. The foam or mattress should be durable and comfortable for the lumbar area.
  • Fabric: The fabric should also be considered when purchasing a sofa and bed combination. It is best to choose from leather, jute, and cotton since they are the most frequently utilized fabrics, and these materials cause no skin allergies.
  • Price: Pricing is the most crucial consideration when purchasing sofa and bed sets. One should not try to get them for a low price while sacrificing quality. Because if you do, not only will the product be less lasting, but the money will also be wasted. Therefore, always strive to pick a set you can use for many years.
  • Weight Limit: While the sofa’s size somewhat depends on the size of your living room, the weight capacity is determined by the materials used to construct the frame and the type of mattress. This factor also affects the cost of a sofa bed.
  • Future Needs: Do you require a welcoming space for guests who drop by frequently? Or maybe someone who enjoys cuddling up? If so, make sure that whatever kind of couch bed you choose now fulfills all your future demands without needing additional improvements.

Top 8 Multipurpose Sofa Beds

1. Coir FIT Folding Sofa Cum Bed

Coir FIT Folding Sofa Cum Bed

The Coirfit Jute Fabric Washable Cover Folding Sofa Cum Bed is a piece of furniture with multiple uses. Since it may be used for sitting, sleeping, and lying down, it conserves space. The sofa has a foam base for comfort and is upholstered in premium jute textiles. Use a vacuum cleaner and a duster to clean the Coirfit Jute Fabric Washable Cover Folding Sofa Cum Bed. To clean the sofa, use a gentle detergent; never use aggressive cleaners as they could ruin the fabric. The couch needs to dry in the shade.

  • The sofa is a great place to sit, lay, and sleep.
  • It is both sturdy and cozy.
  • It is easily foldable and storable.
  • The sofa is simple to clean and machine washable.
  • Clients have complained that the seating foam should have been better built because it feels stiff.

2. Metallika Centerville Three Seater Sofa cum Bed with Mattress

Metallika Centerville Three Seater Sofa cum Bed with Mattress

Furniture Kraft International is based on the strong idea that furniture should be both useful and designed newly. With the three-Seater Sofa-Cum-Bed mattress, you can better use your space. It has a stylish, modern design that makes it useful in almost all living rooms. It can be quickly and easily changed from a sofa to a full-size sleeper to be used as an extra bed when needed.

In Indian homes, storage is very important. Keeping that in mind, this product has a large storage area that is easy to reach with this. The frame is made of strong metal to last and provide support.

  • Material that is strong and reliable
  • Lightweight
  • The foam mattress has been comfortable and stylish for a long time.
  • Great edge finishing

3. Adorn India Aspen Three Seater Sofa Cum Bed

Adorn India Aspen Three Seater Sofa Cum Bed

Different types of sofa bed sets, including those that include a sofa bed or a love seat, are managed by Adorn India. The fact that you only need to fix the sofa or bed’s legs shows that this item doesn’t require setup facilities. With dimensions of 190.5 X 122 X 99 cm, it can fit into a home without causing a fuss over available space. This sofa/main bed’s component is high-quality wood, which works well to provide the best assistance. The mattress is also top-notch foam material, protecting you from any body aches or pains. Additionally, it can accommodate two people and, when converted to one, will appear like an actual bed. It comes with a warranty that covers the foam for three years.

  • Material that is robust and lightweight
  • Simple design
  • The quality of the chrome legs isn’t excellent.

4. Uberlyfe 3 Seater Sofa/Bed

Uberlyfe 3 Seater Sofa/Bed

Uberlyfe offers discounts on a variety of sofas, beds, and seats. This couch sleeper is perfect for people who frequently travel because it can be easily moved thanks to its incredibly light construction. It is built of EPE foam, which is the perfect material to use if toughness and longevity are what you’re after. It is charming in addition to being a sturdy sofa or bed, adding to the appeal of your dining area, bedroom, or parlor in any case.

  • Material that is strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • For three-seaters, a simple activity sofa/bed is appropriate.
  • No setup is necessary
  • No significant drawbacks were discovered

5. Royal Interiors Sofa Cum Bed

 Royal Interiors Sofa Cum Bed

This is a premium quality sofa cum bed that lasts for years. It has storage space that prevents a cluttered look in your living room. A mattress is provided with it that ensures comfort while sitting or sleeping.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Hydraulic setting for storage
  • Tedious to relocate

6. Seventh Heaven 4 Seater Wooden Sofa Cum Bed

Seventh Heaven 4 Seater Wooden Sofa Cum Bed

The Seventh Heaven Sofa Bed is perfect for everyday use and is very comfortable.
Its integrated design, production, and quality control process is all about making the industry’s most innovative and high-quality series of styles.
Besides a core team of experienced furniture industry professionals, Seventh Heaven products also rely on interior designers’ experience to ensure that the designs are cutting edge and can be used in high-end interiors. These sofa beds can be core feature pieces or miscellaneous additions to any room. Those who require a lightweight item but have limited space in their homes would find this sofa bed suitable.
It contains a sturdy foam substance, which can help you eliminate any pain you may feel due to your sleeping cushion’s bad filling. It has a good warranty period starting from the date of assembly.

  • Material that is robust and lightweight
  • No setup is necessary
  • We didn’t see any major drawbacks

7. Royal Bed Manufacturer Single Size Matte Black Metal Sofa Cum Bed

Royal Bed Manufacturer Single Size Matte Black Metal Sofa Cum Bed

This sofa was made to fit in small living rooms, adding style and comfort to your home. The sofa’s legs are strong, so you and your guests can use it. It fits nicely in apartments, offices, and dorms because it is small and already put together. This sofa is made of the best foam and will last a long time. Since the item is delivered in its pre-assembled state, setup is unnecessary.

  • Material that is strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • No setup is necessary
  • Unsuitable for three-seaters

8. Furny 3 Seater Gaiety Supersoft Fabric Sofa Cum Bed

Furny 3 Seater Gaiety Supersoft Fabric Sofa Cum Bed

Furny manages sturdy, high-quality furniture items like dining tables, fluffy pillows, and sofa beds. This sofa/bed has a collapsible option, so you can unquestionably overlap it and use it for sitting or sleeping. With the purpose that you won’t have to worry about it when you decide to move from one location to the another, it is pretty lightweight.

It is also comfortable for two people to sit on and is perfect for two people to contemplate. Additionally, because the bedding is composed of sturdy foam, it can help you lessen any pain you could experience while you’re sleeping.

  • The strong and resilient material
  • Lightweight
  • Good quality and the comfort levels are good.
  • The cover leatherette material is not long-lasting

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How comfortable are sofa beds?

If you get the right one, a sofa bed is pretty comfortable.

2) Why should I get a mattress with memory foam?

A memory foam mattress feels like sleeping on a big marshmallow. The foam is soft and comfortable, but when you press it, it springs back enough to give you support. It goes all the way around your body, providing comfort on three sides.

3) How easy is it to clean the bed?

It depends on what kind of bed you get. When suitable materials are used to make a bed, cleaning will be effortless. It would help if you looked for beds that have been treated to resist stains or are made of materials that are easy to clean. Putting a mattress protector on the sofa bed is another way to keep it from getting stains and make it easier to clean.

4) How simple are sofa beds to open?

It depends on the type of sofa bed you buy. Traditional sofa beds were notoriously hard to put together and fold up. But sofa beds made today are made to be easy to use.


A quality pull-out sofa bed will offer a comfortable area for you to rest in during the day and a supporting bed for you during the night. It is also the best option for your guests to sleep in at night, making it perhaps the most multifunctional piece of furniture in your home, either as accent seating next to one of the best sofa beds or in place of the traditional sofa.


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