Xiaomi May Introduce Smartphones with Bendable Display

When it comes to smartphone innovations, the worth mention comes with a foldable or bendable displays. Major Smartphone makers are already working on the concept smartphone devices with foldable displays, and now the Xiaomi mobiles seems to be the new player in this race. A new concept video has been leaked online showing a bendable display in action. The concept video was been spotted on Baidu, afterward reported on GizmoChina. According to GizmoChina, the concept display can be bent forward, backward, left and right. The video clip showcased how the concept display from Xiaomi will look with the MIUI. Such concept display could be a reality one day. Hence we could expect flexible displays in Xiaomi’s upcoming mobiles. If you are really excited about the Xiaomi’s bendable display, then wait a moment. The photos and videos that are leaked online haven’t shown any electronic components that are required to operate any smartphone device. The video only included a bendable display placed on the palm of a user, and apart from the display, nothing was there. So, this could be just a concept or passionate fans fantasy. Major companies such as LG and Samsung are reportedly working on bendable displays, but the commercial product having such technology still hasn’t arrived. During the Tech World event, Lenovo also had boasted their foldable smartphone and tablet. Moreover, Apple seems to have settled patents for products with the bendable display. One of the things which are causing the delay for the devices with such foldable and the bendable display is the cost factor. The bendable devices and displays are costlier to manufacture, and hence the smartphone makers are offering smartphones with the flat display. Also, the durability of such bendable display is a big concern as the repeated bending could affect the lifespan of the display as well as the device. Recent rumors were indicating that the upcoming mobile Xiaomi Mi Note 2 might feature a curved display. However, the display of the upcoming mobile will not be the bendable one, but it will be similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy Note 7. Even LG had launched curved or flexible smartphones called the LG G Flex and G Flex 2 which has provided a glimpse of the future of smartphones. These two smartphones were undoubtedly showcased some exciting smartphone technologies, but the devices failed to set a milestone due to the other sort of issues.


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