Windows 10 Mobile to Receive View 3D, Web Payments, More in 2017

Although Android and the iOS platform has larger smartphone market share, the Windows 10 Mobile still has quite a number of users. In 2017, the Windows 10 Mobile users will see a number of new features on their devices. Some of these new features for the Windows mobiles have been surfaced via leaked screenshots.

The leaked screenshots revealed 3D Preview feature in Windows mobiles which will let users watch certain content in 3D. In end, the users will also be able to produce their own 3D content. A few years ago, some Android mobiles featured the 3D content.

Certain YouTube videos can be accessed in that format and these handsets were equipped with 3D cameras on the rear panel which could take 3D photos and videos. The UI of these devices were designed with the consideration of the third dimension in mind. HTC EVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D smartphones had featured 3D support in them. The smartphones make use of the stereoscopic technology which allows users to see the 3D content without any special set of glasses.

Another feature which will be updated is the Edge browser. The browser will prompt the users to set up the Microsoft Wallet on the Edge to make a payment on various online stores. Once this is done, you won’t have to log in to your Microsoft Wallet each time. It will automatically access the Wallet to check out the online shopping. Using this, your information will be secured as only the merchant chosen by you will be able to get your information.

The Windows 10 Mobile will also receive interesting new features related to the software updates. Using this, the software update can be put on hold for up to 35-days and later can be resuming from where you paused the update.

Moreover, an integrated bookstore is also expected to introduce in Edge which will let the readers save or bookmark their favorite EPUB books. The new update is expected to be pushed out in early 2017.


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