WhatsApp May Soon Allow Unsend and Edit Message Options

Have you ever sent a WhatsApp message to someone and afterward realized that the message was sent to the wrong person? If you are a victim of such mistake then WhatsApp may provide you a revoke message soon. Gmail has an ‘undo’ feature which allows users to retract the sent emails and soon WhatsApp could use a similar feature.

The popular messaging app has updated the beta app for iOS mobiles which has an option to revoke the sent messages. The app continuously pushes new features and they are tested on its beta version before release.

According to WABeta who tracks the latest changes and features to WhatsApp beta versions, a new feature has been spotted on the WhatsApp beta app (version of iOS platform. This new feature will let users revoke the sent messages before the recipient receives it. To add brevity, the tipster has shared a few screenshots of and the GIF video to illustrate the feature. To revoke the message, you’ll have to press the message and a menu will open which shows a ‘revoke’ option. This function will withdraw the message.

Video: WABeta

The undo feature on Gmail allows users to retract the message within 5-30 seconds from sending. As of now, there is no information on how quickly you will have to take action to revoke the message. However, WABeta has mentioned that the revoke option works even when the recipient has seen the message. This will allow users to delete the things said in a conversation. Moreover, the demonstration video also showed that the sent pictures and videos could also be deleted from the conversation and it will also remove them from the recipient’s storage. WhatsApp has not put any word on when will it roll out the feature to all users. The feature is already available on the beta version, so it won’t take too long to release it for all users.

WhatsApp has recently released the video streaming feature which allows users to watch a video while it’s downloading. WhatsApp has announced that there are 160 million active monthly users in India. It also unveiled the video calling service for Android, iOS, & Windows Phones.


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