Freedom 251-Creator Ringing Bells Shuts Down

The Noida-based Ringing Bells company grabbed the headlines at the beginning of the year after the launch of its Rs 251 smartphone. Well, what happened later is a totally different story. Ringing Bells got involved in a wave of controversies. The company never delivered the Freedom 251 smartphone and cheated thousands of Indians.

However, the company in the meanwhile swelled its portfolio by releasing budget mobiles and TVs. Now, several reports are claiming that the company has shut down and come up with a new name of MDM Electronics Private Limited.

According to a report published by TeleAnalysis, the board of directors of the newly formed company includes Mohit Goel, MD of Ringing Bells, Shashank Goel, and Ashok Chaddha who are also associated with Ringing Bells. The report said that the MDM Electronics Pvt Ltd was set up on December 7 with a registered office at New Delhi.

Until now, there is no information about what products the new company plans to sell. However, the name point to a consumer electronics company and it may offer feature phones, latest mobile, and TVs. Interestingly, the shutdown of Ringing Bells’ website has added fuel to the fire.

Ringing Bells had previously assured to distribute nearly 200,000 units of the Freedom 251 smartphones. The company failed to deliver the promise as most of the registered users didn’t receive their handset.  Back in July, the company claimed that it had sent 5000 units of the smartphone and assured that it will deliver 65,000 units to the users who had booked via the Cash on Delivery mode. And the company has not shared any new figures since then.

The latest announcement from Ringing Bells was regarding the selling of its products on e-commerce platform such as Amazon India. The company said that it will sell Freedom LED TV series, feature phones, smartphones, and power banks.

The controversies did not end yet. Ringing Bells has been summoned for a Rs 2 crore cheque bounce case by Delhi Court. A private firm named as ‘Aryan Infratech Pvt Ltd’ has filed a case against the company for cheque bounce. The cheque bounced due to ‘insufficient funds’ and hence it sent a legal notice to Ringing Bells. The case has been filed in the court and the next hearing of the case is on April 28.


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