What is a Hybrid Smartwatch? Why you need one for yourself

All of us know the difference between a regular watch and the smartwatch. But not many of us know what exactly the hybrid smartwatch is. The term ‘Hybrid Smartwatch’ might even see new to most of us. Hence, we have brought to you a guide to hybrid Smartwatches and a few best examples of it.

What is a hybrid smartwatch?

It is a fusion between a smartwatch and a regular mechanical watch. A hybrid one combines some features which are common to both these watch types. But, the hybrid watch doesn’t have a touchscreen and it doesn’t require to be charged every day. Design-wise, it looks like a regular watch and you can hardly figure out that it is a piece of technology.

What is Hybrid Smartwatch? Why you need one for yourself

The regular Smartwatches likes the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear Sport or others don’t really look like a regular mechanical watch. They have a touchscreen display and packs incredible functionalities within them. On the other hand, the hybrid Smartwatches are identical to the regular watches but have a few or all features of a smartwatch.

What features you can get on Hybrid Smartwatch?

What is Hybrid Smartwatch? Why you need one for yourself

Almost all hybrid Smartwatches boasts similar functionalities. It can count your steps, record the calorie burn data and activity time. Most watch users avoid wearing it for 24-hours a day; though, some watches let you track your sleep. Like any wearable, the hybrid watch can alert you about the notifications on your phone using vibrations.

As most of the hybrid Smartwatches doesn’t have a touchscreen, their energy consumption is of negligible. They can be paired with a smartphone using Bluetooth. The Bluetooth pairing works on low energy. The hybrid Smartwatches rely on a coin-cell battery for its juice which can last up to six months. So, similar to the regular watch, you can replace these cell batteries with the new one. This can even be done at your home at a very low price.

What is Hybrid Smartwatch? Why you need one for yourself

Currently, there are various options available in the market when it comes to hybrid Smartwatches. We have listed a few best Smartwatches in India which you can buy right away.

Fossil Q Nate Hybrid

Fossil Q Crewmaster Hybrid

Emporio Armani ART300

Skagen Connected SKT 1100 Watch

Huawei Watch 2 Classic


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