Use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Banned from Indian Flights

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of India has banned the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices while flying in an Indian Aircraft. The Galaxy Note 7 was earlier banned by USA and Australia aviation authorities taking the concerns of the device’s explosion while use or in charging state.

The DGCA has advised the airlines and passengers not to switch on or charge their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone during the flights. Although, the passengers can bring their device in the hand baggage while keeping it in switched-off mode. The device is also prohibited to stow in checked-in baggage.

These security measures are taken after the observations of several incidents globally in which the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery exploded or caught fire. While so, a spokesperson from Samsung India has clarified that the consumer safety and peace of mind is the top priority for Samsung and hence the company delayed its sales in India.

Is your Galaxy Note 7 safe to use? Check the Guidelines Below

  • The Korean OEM, Samsung has revealed the guidelines from which you can make sure you’ve received the safe and reliable Galaxy Note 7 unit. According to the company, the status of the device can be checked via the label on the retail box while purchasing.
  • The new Galaxy Note 7 packaging has included some clear identification markings on the box where a small black square showing the barcode information along with a blue colored letter ‘S’. The ‘S’ letter is supposed to be safe.
  • In case you have already purchased a Galaxy Note 7 without this blue colored letter ‘S’, the company has committed  for replacement your product. You will have to take backup of your personal data, complete a factory reset process to wipe out the entire user data, turn off the device and return it to the retailer from where you had purchased the device.
  • When the replacement of devices will take place, the consumers have the option to check whether they have received the safe model just by verifying the IMEI number of received unit with company’s online database which would be available from September 13.

The replacement for Galaxy Note 7 devices will start from September 21 in Australia and it will collect the affected device and replace them with a new one. And it is believed that the company will provide already replaced units in the Indian market.


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