TV Viewing Distance: Here’s How You Should Pick out the Ideal TV Size for a Room

A living room or a house without a TV in today’s time looks incomplete. Televisions are seen as a part of the furniture. Televisions provide you with entertainment as well as let you spend quality time with your family. The LED TV price list is filled to the brim with products that come with different specifications, features, display and sizes. One question that everyone asks before buying a TV is – what size TV should I get? The right TV size plays a very important role. A television is a long-term investment and nobody would want to get the wrong TV size. The television market is filled to the brim with televisions of different sizes. You name a size and you have a wide range of options available. So how do you pick out the ideal TV size for a room or figure out the TV viewing distance?  Let’s find out.

Before picking out the ideal TV size for a room, there are other factors that you need to consider.

TV Viewing Distance- Here’s How You Should Pick out the Ideal TV Size for a Room

How Much Space Do You Have?

The first thing that you need to consider while deciding the size of the TV is the amount of space you have. First, decide where you will be placing the TV and then measure the height, width, depth and space that you can use. If you have limited space, then you cannot opt for a bigger screen, it is safer to opt for products from the 32-inch TV price list. On the other hand, if you have sufficient space you can consider getting a bigger display.

How Will You Place It?

The next thing that you should decide on is – if you will place the TV on a stand or if you will mount it on the wall. When you place the TV on a stand, it is placed a little closer to the viewer and reduces the viewing distance.  On the other hand, by mounting the TV on the wall you get increased viewing distance by a foot or two.

TV Viewing Distance- Here’s How You Should Pick out the Ideal TV Size for a Room

How Far Should You Place the TV?

Determining your viewing distance plays a major role in figuring out the TV size for a room. Based on the viewing distance (where the TV will be placed and where you sit), you can calculate the ideal size of the TV. To do this, all you have to do is measure the distance from where you are sitting to the TV in inches and multiply it by 0.84. However, it is also important to remember that this method doesn’t provide you with the perfect answer. There are various TV screen size calculators that will help you find the ideal screen size. Here is our recommended viewing distance in relation to the screen size:

Recommended TV Screen Size

(in inches)

Viewing Distance

For 480p Resolution

(in feet)

Viewing Distance

For 720p Resolution

(in feet)

Viewing Distance

For 1080p Resolution

(in feet)

Viewing Distance

 For 4K Resolution

(in feet)

24-inches7.1ft – 9.1ft4.7ft – 9.1ft3ft – 4.9ft2.4ft – 3.8ft
32-inches9.5ft – 12.1ft6.3ft – 12.1ft4ft – 6.6ft3.2ft – 5ft
40-inches11.9ft – 15.1ft7.8ft – 15.1ft4.9ft – 8.2ft4ft – 6.3ft
42-inches12.5ft – 15.8ft8.2ft – 15.8ft5.2ft – 8.7ft4.2ft – 6.6ft
48-inches14.3ft – 18.1ft9.4ft – 18.1ft5.9ft – 9.9ft4.8ft – 7.6ft
50-inches14.9ft – 18.9ft9.8ft – 18.9ft6.2ft – 10.3ft5ft – 7.9ft
54-inches16.1ft – 20.4ft10.6ft – 20.4ft6.7ft – 11.1ft5.4ft – 8.5ft
60-inches17.9ft – 22.6ft11.8ft – 22.6ft7.4ft – 12.4ft6ft – 9.4ft
65-inches19.4ft – 24.5ft12.7ft – 24.5ft8ft – 13.4ft6.5ft – 10.2ft
72-inches21.4ft – 27.2ft14.1ft – 27.2ft8.9ft – 14.8ft7.2ft – 11.3ft


Based on the viewing distance and the TV resolution that you are opting for, you can choose the recommended TV screen size from the table above.

What Screen Resolution Should You Opt For?

While deciding the size of the TV and the viewing distance, do not forget to consider the screen resolution as well. In all honesty, the screen resolution plays an equally important role as that of the viewing distance. Consider this – what’s the point of having a TV with a huge display when you do not have the right resolution to enjoy your viewing experience? A 4K TV will provide a better experience than Full HD TV’s The trick to finding the perfect TV is to find the perfect balance between the viewing distance, screen resolution and size of the display.

TV Viewing Distance- Here’s How You Should Pick out the Ideal TV Size for a Room

As seen on the table above – the higher the resolution is, the closer you can sit. So even if the distance between the TV and your viewing distance is minimal, you can opt for a high-resolution TV. Additionally, the benefit of choosing a high-resolution TV is that you can make do with a smaller screen.  When you opt for a TV with a low resolution, then you have to sit further away from the TV to ensure maximum viewing experience.


In the end, it all comes down to your personal experience. Whether you choose a screen size based on the TV viewing distance or the resolution depends solely on you and your budget. However, it is a safe bet to balance between the TV viewing distance and the screen resolution to determine the size of your TV.  If you are ready to choose a TV, take a look at the top trending televisions in 2018.



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