Tricks to Save Battery Power Few Hours More

A Smartphone runs on battery and if the battery drains off, the smartphone cannot be used unless charged again. Now a day phones are powered with heavy mAh batteries but no battery can last forever.

No one likes to get stuck in a situation where battery drains off, thus here are some tricks that you can follow to reduce the battery drainage time of your smartphones.

  1. Turn Power Saving Mode ON: Almost all smartphones has light sensors. You can turn the power saving mode ON or keep the brightness setting as ‘AUTO’. This will automatically adjust the screen light and save battery life for the longer time. Thus, your phone battery will last long.
  2. Put Black or Dark Color Wallpaper: If you have an AMOLED screen then this trick is helpful.  AMOLED screens only illuminate the colored pixels. Thus more the dark pixels the lesser power is consumed.
  3. Screen Out Time Should Be Less: Put the ‘screen out’ time less so that whenever not in use, the screen will get turned off.
  4. OFF Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G/2G Net Connectivity When Not in Use: If these options are ON unnecessarily, signals strength keeps varying and it tries to detect nearest signals all the time. This process uses power continuously. Thus turn any unnecessary connectivity option OFF.
  5. Close Unnecessary Apps OFF: Apps consumes power when they are running in the background of your present App. Remember to close them time to time.
  6. Use Appropriate Battery Saver or Booster App: There are many battery booster Apps available for Android Mobile Phones and Windows Mobiles. Make sure you try and test such Apps and keep the appropriate one which works best with your smartphone.
  7. Avoid Using Widgets:  Widgets that needs a connection to the internet are very power consuming. Try to avoid such Widgets.
  8. Select Manual Update Option Instead of Auto Update: when you keep ‘Auto Update’ option ON, Auto updating starts anytime when updates are available. This is can be more infuriating if you are already at low battery stage.

These are some tricks that can help to last your battery last 50% longer than its usual drain out time.



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