Bored With Routine Life? These Travel Books Will Entice You to Explore Places across India

Do you feel caught up in your everyday life and routine? The smallest thought about breaking free from our mundane lives and embarking on an adventure excites us. All we need is a break from time to time to unwind and relax. Well, if you enjoy reading books then you are already familiar with the world of imagination and magic. You immediately start living in a different world and can only see and hear the characters in the book. Reading a book is like living in a parallel life without the need to teleport. But, what if you mix reading and travelling together? Yes, there are some amazing travel books that will take you on an imaginary trip. However, that’s not all, these books will also fuel your wanderlust.

Moreover, when it comes to travelling, India has always been known as a land of rich culture and heritage. It’s a country with numerous languages, cultures, food preferences and people. It’s impossible to not fall in love with the place. So why not pick travel books that will entice you to explore places across India? Take a look at the 7 travel books that will simply arouse that spark to travel and discover places across India.

City Of Djinns: A Year in Delhi by William Dalrymple

This book most definitely has to be on top of our list. The author spent a year in the Indian capital exploring the city’s archaeological riches to uncover his fascination with Mughal history. In this travelogue, the author William Dalrymple has brought forth the layers of Delhi’s history. While reading this book, you will traverse through ancient ruins, the Raj, mutinies, partitions and into what modern-day Delhi is like. You will definitely connect with the history of India with this book.

Bored With Routine Life? These Travel Books Will Entice You to Explore Places across India

Hot Tea Across India by Rishad Saam Mehta

What are the two things that keep Indians united like nothing else? Well, it certainly has to be tea and gossip. While gossip flows freely where ever people are present, a cup of tea is also found whenever and wherever you want it. During one of his travels across India as a travel writer, the author noticed that there isn’t a highway, road or dirt track in India where you will not find tea. From Manali to Munnar, from the Rann of Kutch to Khajuraho, every cup of chai comes with amazing stories and encounters which makes travelling across India a memorable adventure. Believe us when we say that you ought to read ‘Hot Tea Across India’.

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A Journey in Ladakh: Encounters with Buddhism by Andrew Harvey

We all travel to seek adventure, but are you one of those tranquil souls who want to travel to find peace and quiet? This book is a definite treat and a classic for everyone who is interested in Tibetan Buddhism and the values it enshrines. Ladakh is one of the highest and scarcely populated territories in the Indian region which is cut off by snow for six months every year. It is also the place that Buddhist monks call home and have been meditating in the mountains for centuries. The author’s journey will leave you wanting to take a trip through Ladakh soon.

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Around India in 80 Trains by Monisha Rajesh

Train journeys are fun and boring at the same time, don’t you think so? After two disappointing years in India, the author Monisha Rajesh is back to the country after long 20 years. With a page from Jules Verne’s ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, Monisha and her photographer friend embark on a journey to train-travel through India in 80 trains. From luxury trains to jam-packed Mumbai locals, she meets shady people, peculiar smells and delightful stories. Join Monisha and her friend on a journey around India in trains with ‘Around India in 80 Trains’.

Bored With Routine Life? These Travel Books Will Entice You to Explore Places across India

If it’s Monday It Must Be Madurai: A Conducted Tour of India

Have you ever been on an itinerated group tour with complete strangers? It sounds so fascinating and movie-like, right? If you think this book is going to show you the happy sides of a group tour, then you are totally mistaken. Srinath Perur goes on a tour around ten famous Indian sites. Even though he hated his experience, you will find this book witty and humorous with vivid descriptions of the slums of Mumbai, the bumpy camel rides of Rajasthan and the backwaters of Kerala. It is one of the absolutely delightful travel books.


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