Going on a Summer Vacation? Pick the Best Camera to Capture Your Trip

Summer is upon us, it’s time for a vacation. Where are you off travelling to this summer season? We bet its someplace where you can chill, relax and have fun. Or, it could also be a fun and adventurous trip. However, there’s one essential item that you need to take along on your trip. Any guesses what it might be? Well, it is most definitely a camera! It’s hard to imagine packing for a holiday without your best camera. How else are you going to capture and bring back memories from your trip, right?

Nevertheless, it also depends on the kind of vacation you are planning on. Is it an adventurous trip or a vacation to explore a new city? Should you carry your high-end DSLR camera or will your smartphone do? With so many types of cameras available to us, it becomes difficult to pick one. So, if you are going on a trip soon and want to know what kind of camera you should carry, here’s your guide.

Going on a Summer Vacation? Pick the Best Camera to Capture Your Trip

A Trip to a New City

Summer is absolutely the best time to explore a new city. There are a lot of options, whether you plan a trip within your homeland or abroad. Imagine walking around Times Square or seeing the magnificent beauty of The Taj Mahal. It’s almost impossible to walk through these beauties without wanting to click pictures. However, you don’t really require a high-end camera to capture shots while exploring a city. Plus, the weight will only slow you down.

A point and Shoot camera is perfect for this trip, you can consider getting a Canon A4000 IS. It is easy to carry around and if you like something you see, just click away. Additionally, you can also use your smartphone camera, as our phones these days are equipped with amazing quality cameras. And, you can always use it for clicking selfies at your favourite spots.

Going on a Summer Vacation? Pick the Best Camera to Capture Your Trip

An Adventurous Trip

Are you a person with an adventurous streak in you? We are all seeking for some kind of adventure to break away from our mundane routine lives. Is your trip is going to include adrenaline-rush activities like biking, mountaineering, trekking, surfing or zip-lining? Then you should certainly consider a GoPro. Plus, there are a lot of options to consider from. It is the best camera for capturing all your crazy adventures. Moreover, these cameras are dust-proof and water-proof which makes it all the more fun. Along with being lightweight, you can take shots in 4K quality. Pretty amazing, eh?

Going on a Summer Vacation? Pick the Best Camera to Capture Your Trip

A Wildlife Safari

Are you off to stay in the jungles of Africa or India on a wildlife safari? The best part about nature is that not all wildlife species are found in every corner of our planet. Going to the least-explored corners to live among the animals in their natural habitat, is an experience that you shouldn’t miss. The best camera for a wild safari is a DSLR. It will let you let you capture animal interactions and behaviours. A DSLR camera is perfect for letting you capture wild animals roaming around freely. There is a list of DSLR cameras in India. However, we would suggest the Sony A7 III DSLR camera for this type of trip.

Going on a Summer Vacation? Pick the Best Camera to Capture Your Trip

A Vacation with a View

A vacation with a view! It sounds like a delight. Are you off to explore the beautiful mountains of Ladakh or soak in the sun on the Hawaiian beaches? Or did you go one step further and book a cabin in the woods, to escape from civilization? It sounds beautiful just imagining all of it, right? We all travel for those spectacular views that leave us wanting more. If you are going on such a trip, then the best camera would be a Mirrorless camera. They aren’t bulky like a DSLR and are perfect for capturing the nature. Furthermore, these cameras don’t compromise on quality and are feature-rich. The best Mirrorless camera for such vacations is the Fujifilm X-E1.


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