Top Celebrity Smartphone Endorsers in 2017

Bollywood celebrities, apart from acting, have been involved in the endorsement of many prominent brands. Any brand or product which is endorsed by celebs is always tended to achieve high market value and demand. The smartphone industry is the highest ranked industry globally and thus, the competition is too high amongst them.

Today if you switch on your televisions, you would hardly see a smartphone advertisement not involving a celeb in it. Smartphone makers know that endorsement done by a celebrity will always add more sugar to their tea.

Let us see which new faces are been signed as brand ambassador for smartphones this year.


OnePlus is reaching heights conquering many other brands which once had a good hold on the market. OnePlus with the launch of OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T, now has become one of the most desired trade names. The most recent product launched by the company is the OnePlus 3T which is currently endorsed by the “Shahensha of Bollywood” Mr Amitabh Bachan. OnePlus took a very smart step by considering Mr Amitabh Bachan for OnePlus 3T as this premium smartphone needed a premium icon attached to it.

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Gionee, the Chinese phone maker brand, entered India in the year 2012. Since then, it is trying to grab a firm position in Indian market. Gionee mainly focuses on making selfie expert smartphones. Gionee has recently signed Virat Kohli as new brand ambassador. This cricket celeb will surely add an assessment to Gionee. Besides Virat, Alia Bhatt is another brand ambassador for Gionee. Alia has recently launched Gionee A1. Virat and Alia’s celebrity significance will act as a helping hand for Gionee to uplift its market value in India.


Vivo is again a Chinese conglomerate which managed to get its hold in Indian smartphone market. You may have seen Ranveer Singh in Vivo smartphone advertisements and hoardings flaunting the shots taken by Vivo smartphones. Ranveer Singh endorses Vivo smartphone brand and all Ranveer fans have appreciated him as Vivo endorser. Ranveer’s appearance with Vivo smartphones has lifted the demand for Vivo smartphones within Ranveer fan club.

Celebs getting their names attached to smartphone brands have shown a drastic increase in the value of that brand. Also, the fans of these celebs strongly follow them and thus the products endorsed by celebs are sold more.

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